Essays on Using Technology to Deliver Career Development Services by Venable Article

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The paper "Using Technology to Deliver Career Development Services by Venable" is a perfect example of an article on education. Career service experts are largely involved in decisions making on issues relating to learning. The advancement of technology has made it possible for the student’ s online learning, especially to students who are working. Their learning process is simplified and they are able to do work within given time limits. Over recent years, technology has changed gradually with time and needs. It has become a requirement in many schools especially in developed countries like the United States, with some having a requirement that students complete an online course before graduating from high school.

Technology can be either asynchronous or synchronous. Asynchronous technology is one that allows individuals to communicate over different time and different place methods for example emails, discussion boards, videos, audio or video recordings and websites whereby people post things on blogs and discussion boards. This has helped in the student’ s relations. Synchronous technology, in turn, allows people to communicate in real-time. For example text chats and virtual learning environments.

Telephone conversations are also part of this and are applied when an individual cannot reach the physical location. In virtual learning rooms, students are able to communicate online or even listen to lectures online. Universities have developed online career services that help students make decisions at a wider scope and take their time with the making of decisions. This is governed by the idea that most of the employers use online services to advertise jobs and communicate with potential students. Some employers have considered the use of the internet and social networks to assess students (Venable, 2010).

The costs of implementing technology can be great, the implementers can consider limiting the amount of information they display online. The information provided online by students should be confidential and nobody else should access it. Strategic planning should be included in practice in which outsourcing should be part of it. The provision of online services should be properly coordinated so that all the needs of the students are met. Technology helps provide more services in short a period that has been of help in the provision of online career services.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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