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The paper "Smart ForTwo - Integrated Marketing Communications" is a perfect example of a marketing case study.   This plan provides an outline of the objectives and strategies for communication needed to execute integrated marketing successfully. Moreover, it also provides an outline for activities for launching communications for the product. MARKETING OBJECTIVES 1. Increase sales of Smart ForTwo among current students and those that recently graduated. At least 550,000 students and graduates are expected to purchase Smart ForTwo in two years. 2. Utilize advertising, promotions, and marketing outlined in the plan to increase Smart ForTwo’ s market share in two years by 20% Communications Objectives 1.

By the end of one year, 20% of the target audience should be aware of Smart Fortwo cars. 2. Increase the number of Smart ForTwo newsletter subscription by the end of the first year by 25% 3. Increase the visit to dealerships by our target market by 20% by the end of the first year. Issues and Challenges It is hard to reach the target audience because marketing cannot easily nail down college students (Policastro, 2014). A smart company will, therefore, have to be very innovative and creative in order to effectively communicate with this target market.

Many marketing attempts seem to find it challenging to penetrate through this target group. Situational  Analysis SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) Strength Affordable to purchase Cheaper car insurance Easy parking Environmentally friendly Fuel-Efficient Established brand and dealership Online Platform Weakness Car size Public perception Opportunities High Insurance Costs High Fuel Costs Kyoto protocol Threats Stiff competition Strengths College students pay fees and have a lot of needs that need money. However, Smart ForTwo is affordable as it can be purchased for around $13, 900. Its fuel mileage is great as it uses less fuel compared to other car brands. The car is small making it amazingly easy to find parking space.

If the parking is full it can be squeezed close to the pavement. The Smart ForTwo is fuel-efficient reducing the amount of pollution in the air. There is an online platform that customers can choose the design and color of the car they would like. They can make deposits online and the car delivered to them wherever they are. Smart company is owned by Mercedes Benz a well-established automobile manufacturer in the industry. Its dealerships distribute the Smart ForTwo and this enables the public to trust the cars.

There is twenty-four-hour technical support known us ‘ smart move’ which assists customers whenever they have a problem on the car. Though the car is small it provides safety assurance in case someone involves in an accident. This was tested when an SUV weighing 7,000 pounds was put on a Smart ForTwo Car weighing 2,000 pounds. The car’ s Tridion cell never bent. Weaknesses The public believes bigger cars are stronger and safe while (Esurance Insurance Services, 2014) a mini car-like Smart ForTwo is perceived as one that can easily be blown away by the wind (Schwoerer, 2007).

Smart will have to do a lot of demonstrations for testing its safety in order to change the public perception. The Smart ForTwo can only accommodate two people and has limited space for luggage. The target market involves college students who would like to accommodate two or three of their friends to spend time together. This car does not serve this purpose. Opportunities Fuel prices are high a trend that is affecting almost every country in the world (Australian Institute of Petroleum, 2014).

College students usually want to spend less on fuel as they also have other needs that need money. They will, therefore, be forced to look for vehicles that are fuel-efficient. The Kyoto protocol expects every country to reduce gas emission to a certain level. The government will, therefore, continue to develop measures that will meet these objectives. This will force customers to purchase vehicles that are environmentally friendly.


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