Essays on Evaluation of Organizational Culture of the Pennine Center Case Study

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The paper 'Evaluation of Organizational Culture of the Pennine Center' is a great example of a Management Case Study. The Center project was established in the year 1998 by William Carroll. However, the completion and the opening of the facility were done in October 2002 (Train, pp. 1). Evidently, opening a building an entertainment and leisure center in a part of the universe that he adores had been the dream of William for such a long-time. In 1998 he was able to purchase an ideal site and two years later he got the support to make his dream a reality from the backers and the financial institutions.

Pennine Center is located to the edge of Pennines, next to a certain artificial lake that is within the reach of Leeds, Manchester, Bradford as well as a majority of other mid-northern towns and cities. The Center has a good motorway network (Train, pp. 1). However, their roads are narrow and susceptible to severe congestion. In addition, the roads have recently faced flooding as a result of the heavy rains experienced in the last few years.

The closest railway station to the station is about 10 miles away. The center has a bus service that operates twice a day. The Pennine Center of an all-purpose sports stadium, a crè che, swimming pool as well as leisure center cinema among others (Train, pp. 1). This report seeks to analyze the organizational culture of the Pennine Centre in order to recognize the prevailing cultural issues as well as provide appropriately supported advice for effectively managing the changes needed using the two culture models which are the Harrison and Handy and Johnson and Scholes. Pennine’ s culture Pennine Center is run and operated by the Pennine Management enterprises.

Carroll is the chairman of the center. He has a tightly knit group of about 70 managers and staff who manage the Pennine Management enterprises owned outlets such as the leisure center, sports stadium, hotel, crè che, and cinema among other facilities (Train, pp. 2). The run cleaning and franchises, car parking, as well as the operational maintenance of the Pennine Center, are managed by contract. The other retailers are overseen by external management. Within the center, all the operations such as the recruitment of the employees, staffing and promotion and training are entirely the responsibility of the managers of the hotel, sports, crè che as well as cinema facilities and sports.

Cleaning maintenance on the other hand is the responsibility of the service manager who is a Pennine Management enterprise employee (Train, pp. 2). Besides this, he also offers other services to the center on a matrix model. The retailers of the center are contractually denied the opportunity of getting their own cleaners.

This service is provided to them on the basis of how much they can afford to pay. All managers within the Center directly report to the chairman as he deems this right. In addition, the general manager also meets twice every month to discuss the issues at hand (Train, pp. 2). The Titanic Food Court's everyday management is outsourced to a contract company, Northern Hospitality. Apparently this contract is expiring and is being retendered. Evidently, Pennine center has both a weak and strong culture (Train, pp. 2).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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