Essays on Work-Life Balance and Employee Relations - Dentsu Inc Case Study

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The paper 'Work-Life Balance and Employee Relations - Dentsu Inc" is a good example of a management case study. Employee exploitation is becoming a common practice in most businesses; as a result, they work long hours without adequate resting, which greatly impacts their health and general organizational performance in the long-term (Adenso-Diaz & Laguna,   2009, 358). Various business sectors are becoming highly competitive with employees in positions of delivering the desired competitive advantage. Due to such competitions, there have been significant changes in the work hours and deterioration in employee relations leading to the emergence of various risks and health hazards on the employees.

With the changes, the traditional employment contract changed through corporate downsizing and increment in part-time and temporary employees (Ho & Syddansk Universitet, 2006, 152). Moreover, there have been increments in the number of women coming into the labour force leading to the intensification of the conflict between work and family in their lives. As a result, many organizations have been focusing on improving their human resource policies and practices with an aim of addressing work/life balance to assist the employees to cope with their time-pressured lives (Armstrong,   2009, 107).

Additionally, human resource practices have been increasing their efforts of recruiting, retaining and motivating the valued employees within the highly competitive market. There have been several definitions of work life balance and employee relations. Work life balance strategies are the mechanisms used by the human resources in enhancing the autonomy of the employees through the process of coordination and integration of the work and various non-work aspects of their lives (Fry & Cohen,   2008, 272). The aim of this essay is to analyze the case of a young woman who worked within an advertising company, Dentsu Inc. , and died due to overwork after it was found that she logged in 105 hours of the monthly overtime (Asahi Shimbun, 2016).

For effective analysis, the essay will focus on various human resource theories and link them with different practices: work life balance and employee relations.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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