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The paper "Value of Diversity in a Business" is a perfect example of a business assignment.   In order to ensure that relationships with customers and clients demonstrate the value of diversity in a business, the firm ought to start by developing a diversity policy. The diversity policies and guidelines should outline the conduct of the staff in relation to customers and clients. It suffices to observe that a proper organizational strategy that encourages diversity starts with strong leadership. Diversity-centered leadership guarantees the existence of workplace diversity in the firm’ s employees to enhance the relationships with clients and customers.

Secondly, it is mandatory that the organization should assess the current situation in relation to workplace diversity. It is evident that the organization that exhibits tremendous performance in regard to workplace diversity values the existence of diverse relationships with its clients and customers. Apparently, the provision of diversity training is pertinent to the success of any diversity initiative adopted by an organization. The training enables the employees to include diversity in their relationships with the customers of the organization (Wambui et al. 2010, p. 204).

The firm should also change the management and culture system to meet its diversity requirements. Lastly, the firm should establish a continuous evaluation of the diversity management program. The program would ascertain that the firm meets its diversity objectives to guarantee the satisfaction of its clients and employees. Question 2There are several diverse issues in modern Australian society. The consideration of indigenous Australians as an ethnic group under multiculturalism has resulted in heated arguments. According to the indigenous inhabitants, the inclusion as an ethnic group denies them their history of genocide and dispossession and the fact that they were the original inhabitants of the land.

According to the Nyoongars, the federal and national governments ignore them following their decision to obliterate their status. It suffices to observe that the issue has raised uneasiness among the Aboriginal people of Australia. The issue stems from the tension between self-determination and multiculturalism.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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