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Running Head: iPhone Value of using the iPhone Value of using the iPhone The cell phone that Iuse is iPhone 4s. iPhone 4s is one of the most amazing phones with plenty of features that creates immense value for not only the cell phone, but also the person who uses it. There are plenty of features in iPhone 4s not supported or provided by any other cell phone. More than 300,000 applications can be included in the iPhone with many of the features that are not only productive for professionals, as well as for students.

The App Store of iPhone 4s is used to perform multiple tasks such as downloading books, music, games, and movies etc. This cell phone is also becoming an important category regarding the business applications that help the business professionals to manage all their work with the help of iPhone 4s. This helps the business personnel to work more efficiently and can expand their business with the help of this phone. In addition, this gadget is helpful for the students to make their assignment more easily and conveniently with the help of the applications in the iPhone 4s.

Some of the best features of iPhone 4s that creates value of this cell phone are the following: Unified Inbox: multiple emails received in a single inbox of this phone that improves the productivity and adds convenience for the user. Microsoft Exchange: this characteristic helps the user to access number of features easily that include email, contacts, and calendar. Customized Application Development: this is one of the best features of iPhone in which the companies can design and develop the applications according to the need and requirement of the business.

Easy Integration: the project applications needed to be uploaded with the help of App Store and people can incorporate their devices with the application. IPhone 4s is very valuable for the user as it is helpful to make faster decisions by providing the quick information and the user can make report, watch sales information and approval for the fast growth of business can also be made by iPhone 4s. This phone has an immense capability of keeping track of all the opportunities and leads for the business.

It also helps to arrange the meeting records and take follow ups so that any opportunity is not missed out by the user. The iPhone 4s can also be used as a mobile hard drive that keeps the important documents upfront and helps to manage the presentation in one tap. The iPhone 4s is one of the best phones when a person wants to increase its capability regarding his work or any other program. The person who uses this phone knows the importance and value of this product (Cygnismedia, 2011). This phone helps me to become organize because of the applications installed that include calendar and wireless in my Macbook pro.

The reason I bought iPhone 4s is that it is a unique phone manufactured by a very reputed company Apple. This company is one of the best in making the cell phone and understands the complete dynamics of the phone. I am sure that in the coming six months, there will not be a better phone than iPhone 4s. References Cygnismedia. (2011). The Importance of iPhone in Business. Retrieved February 28, 2012, from http: //www. cygnismedia. com: http: //www. cygnismedia. com/blog/importance-of-iPhone/

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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