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The paper 'Values Assessment' is a great example of a business case study. People often perform different activities in their lives, social and corporate environments depending on their needs and expectations. In their interactions, people are expected to have certain values to govern them in their activities. As used in these interactions, codes of conduct refer to the rules and regulations that outline the duties and responsibilities of proper practices by an organization or individual (Morem, 2010). In this case, some of the related concepts that feature prominently in the development of codes of conduct include ethics, moral codes, religious laws, and halachic.

Codes of conduct are essential in ensuring that people co-exist harmoniously in their atmosphere. They enhance discipline in people by providing the framework in which they are expected to function. People who are not controlled by codes of conduct are often abusive and lack emotional intelligence when dealing with others. In this case, they lack ethical perspectives, which are essential in governing the interactions in people. Ethics are important, in not only individual dimensions but also business and other corporate functions and duties (Morem, 2010).

Businesses that have certain codes of conduct often perform well compared to those who do not have them and make no efforts to apply them in the business practices. Like the case for businesses, individuals often guided by certain codes of conduct make good leaders. They often have good values and characters that people emulate. These people often achieve great success levels in the personal and career people and become role models of the society. This paper examines a personal assessment of values as applied in various instances of life and different aspects where life’ s situations have challenged codes of conduct. In my learning processes, I have interacted with many people from different cultures and learned many things about them.

Through group discussion and other assignments, I have come across different people that are tuned differently when it comes to personal codes of conduct.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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