Essays on Telecommunications and Network Security, Application Security and Operations Security Coursework

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The paper "Telecommunications and Network Security, Application Security, and Operations Security" is a great example of coursework on information technology. Telecommunication and network security entail safeguarding the security of data and voice communications in a wide area, remote access and local area networking (William, 2007). There are networking models that utilize the most significant models that utilize the layered networking approach, and the security approaches for extranet, internet, and intranet; based on intrusion, firewalls, routers protection or detection systems. Examples of these networking models are the Open Systems Interconnect and the Transmission Control Protocol models (Lambo, 2006).

The Transmission Control Protocol entails a core internet protocol that ensures reliable delivery mechanisms through the internet.   Application security entails the approaches utilized in the code’ s life cycle in order to prevent security gaps in the security policy of applications, and the underlying system, through errors in design, development, upgrade, maintenance and deployment of the application. Application controls the mind of the resources given to them. Therefore, they determine the utilization of the resources by application’ s users through application security. Web Application Security Consortium and Open Web Application Security Project; provide updates concerning the latest threat which negatively affects the web-based applications.

This guides the developers, security architects, and testers; in focusing on mitigation strategy and superior design (Allen, 2001). Operations security ensures the security of information assets found in the computer or directly related to the computing environment. Operations security is seen as the heart of information security. This is because it controls the approaches to controlling and processing data (Dhillon, 2007). Information security programs that are complete must have adequate controls designed to ensure adequate levels of security.

Hardware control, resource protection, and privileged entity controls are significant aspects of operations controls. The operations control must provide consistency throughout the entire processes and applications.  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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