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The three phases of internationalization that occurred after Vechtel took over the French company Change of the company name from Brasseries unions to Brasseries Vechtel. Change in whatever environment is very important because it is one of the inevitable factors. According to Thompson& Martin (2005), technology is changing, meaning the company too needs to embrace changes in the ways in which they have been operating. Some cultural practices in the company must be done away with other needs to be maintained or improved but most important also new ones must be utilized too.

The change of name was basically for the purpose of ownership. Change of the work force was the next thing that was done in the company. This is because there are a number of issues that arise due to the employee management relationship. The perception could be positive or negative. This means that the attitude that the management as well as the styles of management that the managers uses will greatly contribute to the output of the employees in the school. There are three ways in which this will affect (Chandler, 1992).

It is very important for the management to recognize the human resource in the school, the importance of knowledge management and the importance of motivation and reward systems in the school. Human resource management is one of the most important activities as far as the success of any company is concerned. Creating market share though brand management. Brand management refers to the process of applying marketing techniques with reference to specific product, brand, and product line (Salder & Craig, 2003). The process not only entails the issue of the brand but also the management of the particular company to ensure the company gets to achieve all of its objectives and goals.

There was a need for this particular company to get to understand what brand means for them before being engaged in integrated brand management. Therefore, the owner or the manager of the company is expected to explain what the brand means for the company (Susan, 2002). This means that the managers in conjunction with the other employees especially the marketing department should be involved in the process of branding after getting to know the needs of the customers that are out to satisfy.

The company’s CEO should lead the exercise. It should be noted that for a particular brand to be effective to the customers then it means that there must be a brand promise, which stands for the real implications of the brand (Rik, 2003). The extent to which stereotype is evident in the words and thoughts of Jean-Pierre Courbet and Jaap HarmelenJean peer before he stared the meeting with Harmelen was of the idea that the fact that the team of managers were sent off it was something that was expected.

According to him, this was like selling a very valuable asset in the company, which was the key to a strong competitive ground. He also felt that its was one of the mistake the company had committed because by letting go of the managers was like getting rid of the company’s network hence losing its market share. On the other hand, Harmelen felt that this should not have happened because the company had a broad wide range of beer brands.

Pierre was of the opinion that it was not enough to have a range wide of beer considering the fact that they did nothing about the local brands. Harmelen line of thinking was diversified by the fact that according to him, he felt they approach taken by the company was wrong. The company simply did not understand the country it was operating under. This explains why he felt that they took the wrong approach of things. Jean supported Him on that because he also felt that they lacked knowledge about the Spanish management team.

The management could not speak or communicate Spanish or even run things the Spanish way and that could have been the source of their failure. He felt that it would have been important for them to understand the culture of the Spanish people to be able to cope something even Harmelen agreed with him (Earl, 2001). The two also felt an upper hand as they take over the company because they feel the employees and the people around have faith and trust in them.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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