Essays on Strategies for Achieving Goals and Objectives - Hbrain Limited Business Plan

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The paper "Strategies for Achieving Goals and Objectives - Hbrain Limited " is a great example of a business plan.   This study sought to analyze the business plan for Hbrain Limited. In so doing, it defined the following main objectives, namely: to achieve a competitive edge in the travel market through the adoption of internet technology, to maximize revenues, to enhance customer loyalty and retention in the face of global competition, to be the market leader in accommodation and to liaise with key stakeholders in the travel and hospitality industry in an effort to enhance tourism in the area. The proposed Hbrain Limited at first is to be located in Adelaide and Melbourne Cities in Australia.

The company projects that it will require two thousand square feet in both cities to run its business in an effective manner. It is hoped that Hbrain Limited will implement the set objective by pursuing a niche marketing strategy. Thus, the firm will tap the underutilized resources by segmenting the overall market, setting clear goals and objectives and positioning for the competitive advantage. In addition, the company will realize the set objective through value addition, boosting value addition through awareness, branding, promotions and campaigns.

The company shall divide its target market into local and international tourists. The local market will further be divided into young and the old. The competitors established in this study were mainly locally owned companies. Hbrain Limited believes in a strong leadership team that will facilitate the attainment of the set objectives. The Chief Executive officer will, therefore, provide efficient management, and also, determine the company’ s vision. The senior leadership team will also consist of two directors who will assist in the long-term growth of the company.

The company will strive to motivate its employees in order for them to carry out their duties enthusiastically and effectively. The financial section of the plan outlines a projected financial outlook on the first three years of Hbrain Limited. The proposed company has been subjected to the most rigorous analysis, and it can be concluded that it can be viable under all realistic scenarios. This plan demonstrates that the venture is a solid new business based on real and exciting opportunities.



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12.1 Appendix 1

Owner’s Resume

Personal Details


Date of birth:


Mobile No:



Career Objectives

Leaning towards efficiency and effectiveness


Course: Bachelor of Commerce (Finance)

Institution: Leeds University

Year of Graduation: 2013


 St. Peters Hall Resident (May 2009- present)

 Training on time management, psychology and diversity issues

 Served as a peer leader to incoming students

 Logistics controller


I have undertaken a leadership development program course under the sponsorship of Leadership International


Excellent communication skills, flexible, quick learner, reliable, time management and computer literate.

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