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Research Proposal on Virtual keyboard1.0 IntroductionVirtual keyboard is a projection of the QWERTY keyboard on a surface by means of laser beams (Jacko 40). A person is only required to click on the image and an electronic signal will be sent replicating the intended letter. The Virtual Device Inc. has created a flashlight gadget to assist in the image projection of an actual keyboard. Virtual keyboards are an innovation from the QWERTY keyboard that used by all computers. The previous keyboard consisted of buttons and was wired to the computer which makes it difficult to move around.

Also, the revolution of today’s computer trend has influenced the development of virtual keyboard. This is occasioned by present day smartphones, PDA which operate with a touch screen and hence the need for a virtual keyboard (Nagamalai 50). Unlike the previous keyboard the virtual keyboard also smaller characters making it easy to use. This has been achieved by displaying numerical and alphabetical characters separately. Virtual keyboard also allows users to write different languages meaning it can be applied all over the world without any hesitation as to language.

This paper looks in depth about the virtual keyboard. It also describes the various virtual keyboards that are available to the users and, at the same time explain the advantages and disadvantages that accompany each type of virtual keyboard. 1.2 Historical BackgroundOriginally virtual keyboards were created for persons with disability. This was to help them to carry out the daily activities without actually needing assistance from other people. This made them independent (Hirose 600). However, as we all know technology is dynamic meaning it is always progressing.

New gadgets such as smartphones, PDA’s started cropping up which were touch screen and therefore differing from the regular phones that were characterized with button keypads (Kim 70). This meant that virtual keyboards were the preferred way sending commands to the gadgets compared to the voice command system. The voice command was not accurate and was limited to specific languages and thus the virtual keyboard proved the better option as it is accurate and allows multi lingual (Sherman 100). The use of programs to predict letters by matching them with handwriting on a tablet have also proven inaccurate, leaving the virtual keyboard as the better option. 1.3 Objective This paper will try to look at how this technology has impacted the technological world since its inception.

Does the technology affect people positively or negatively? To achieve this, the project, puts in mind health issues associated with the use of the virtual keyboard as it uses laser beams to work. The paper will also look at the advantages and disadvantages of using this technology and also the different ways of improving this technology to suit the day to day activities.

This paper also tries to provide assistance on how to use the virtual keyboard to those who have difficulties with this technology. To achieve this, the project will rely on books and articles discussing virtual machine. Questionnaires will also be used to assess the virtual keyboard applicability in the day to day activities.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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