Essays on The Northern Leg of Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route Business Plan

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The paper “ The Northern Leg of Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route” is a worthy example of the business plan on management. The Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route project report is intended to provide the basis for evaluation and consideration of the project as a viable business venture as well as ascertain the actual viability of the undertaking. The plan thus caters to the overall impact of the project on the transport systems, economic exposure of the concerned areas as well as the overall significance of the project upon completion. The successes of any massive project wholly depend on the project management policies and strategies instigated towards the implementation of the same project (Harrison & Lock, 2004).

In this case, concepts of project management thus become vital and crucial in the whole process of project undertaking. Considering such significance of project management fundamentals, the report thus presents a plan with well-illustrated details on the managerial organization of the project, work breakdown, and schedule, communication plan as well as risk plan for the project. IntroductionAccording to Russell, 2007, project management often involves careful planning and design of strategies, approaches, and methodologies required in achieving a particular given task.

The concept of project management has soon evolved over past time to also incorporate financial control and resource allocation for specified tasks. Project managers working on well designed and structured plans find their tasks simplified hence enabling them to attain timely attain their objectives. Product aspects such as quality and conformity to standards are also greatly improved through planning. When assigning project tasks to managers, clients often consider the quality of plans as presented by the various managers.

Such business cases and plans point out the intended managerial approaches hence helping the client evaluate the same against his tastes and preferences (Russell, 2007). BackgroundThe current population in Aberdeen city has grown beyond the holding capacity of the available transport links around the city thus resulting in congestion and human traffic. The North-Eastern part of Aberdeen holds substantial investment potential and opportunities which have not been exploited due to the inaccessibility of the region.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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