Essays on Challenges of Rio Tinto Japan Case Study

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The paper "Challenges of Rio Tinto Japan " is a perfect example of a business case study. In the afternoon of March 11, 2011, Rio Tinto Japan was hit by a very strong earthquake. The earthquake struck some 520 kilometers away from Tokyo, though the effect was extremely strong for people in Tokyo. Due to aftershocks, the buildings in Tokyo, including Rio Tinto Japan premises, shook two to three times. Employees at Rio Tinto Japan were tensed and whenever the building could shake they could go under their desks with their helmets on and practically hold on to the legs of the tables.

The earthquake did not only create fear among employees but also interfered with the power system and transport system. The power lines, street lights, building lights and railway transport were destroyed. Because of fear, workers at Rio Tinto Japan had to spend the night in their offices and go to their homes the following morning. The earthquake also resulted in several uncertainties. People were wondering if there will be enough food for the next two or three days.

They were also uncertain about fuel supply. People did not know how the disaster will affect fuel supply. The occurrence of the earthquake resulted in issues that are either employee-related or organizational related. The major issues that could be easily identified in the case include employees’ absenteeism at the workplace and operational problems. This paper, therefore, evaluates these issues by briefly introducing them. The paper also identifies the causes of the issues and highlights their importance to the organization, which in our case is Rio Tinto Japan. After looking at the causes, the paper evaluates decision criteria and develops a range of realistic alternatives that can address the identified issues.

It then decides on a solution obtained from the alternatives and gives a justification for the chosen solutions. Finally, the gives realistic suggestions on how the chosen solutions could have been implemented by Rio Tinto Japan.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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