Essays on Participation in Decision-Making and Job Satisfaction Assignment

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The paper "Participation in Decision-Making and Job Satisfaction" Is a wonderful example of a Business Assignment. The business case report describes seven aspects of me. It gives a review of my personal traits and professional qualifications. The video business case report highlights my responsibilities and duties at the company and how I apply leadership style. I blend democratic and participative kind of leadership while remaining charismatic in order to lead by example. I have described what a typical workday entails and my role in the company. I am responsible of coordination of internal affairs of the company.

The report presents my personal traits together with my role in the company with regard to responsibility. I detailed account of my leadership style has been discussed. I have also described the competitive advantage of our company through the customer support database.     Tell us about yourself and your career My name is Warren Cook and I am the Chief Executive Office of Acquire Technology Solutions. I am a geoscientist by profession with a vast experience in the field. I spent twenty-five years in the mining industry; fifteen years prior to Joining Acquire, I spent twelve years as a mining geologist in various operations throughout Australia and New Zealand and three years as a resource consultant during various consulting projects.

I am committed and focused on achieving organizational goals as well as realizing personal development in my career and experience. I have tasted diverse environments and provided solutions to challenges that came in the course of my duty. I have gained a lot of experience through dealing on many projects and I would like to share my expertise with others for the betterment of society.   Describe a typical workday I get up very early and I start by checking my email account for any message after my breakfast.

I then get my means of transport into the camp where I report to the office. I spend most of the day engaging with many of the people within the organization. My work is not very structured and I get involved in discussions with people in the organization throughout the day. The work environment is very flexible but it largely involves discussing with other members of the management team as well as solving daily challenges.

I engage in any other tasks that require my input within the company so long as both the short-term and long term objectives of the company are achieved.   Describe your role in the company My role as CEO is more inward-looking as opposed to outward-looking. I deal more with internal aspects making sure that the company accomplishes its daily objectives and delivering good service to customers. I have a number of people who interact with our customers daily and I am not directly involved with these engagements.

I offer leadership to the company and inspire workers to achieve their goals. I connect the company to the outside world and engage in strategic planning for the accomplishment of the mission of the company. I offer direction to members of the organization.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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