Essays on The Issues, Causes, Possible Alternatives - the United Airlines Case Study

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The paper "The Issues, Causes, Possible Alternatives - the United Airlines " is a perfect example of a business case study. This paper presents a report of a case that faced United Airlines, which tarnished its public relations image. My duty as an independent professional consultant for the company is to provide comprehensive and robust advice to the senior managers of the company to enable them to deal with the issue in the best possible way. This report entails highlighting the issues, causes, possible alternatives, available solutions, implications of solutions, and implementation of suggestions associated with the turn of events. Executive Summary The case presented is an example of the way individuals can retaliate in protest to corporate triviality to admitting liability for destroying personal property.

In this case, a musician Carroll, David experienced a challenge with United Airlines (Carroll 2012, 10). Apparently, the airline damaged his valued Taylor guitar that cost $3500 in the course of a flight. Carroll spent more than nine months attempting to get the airline to pay for the damages instigated by baggage trainers to his Taylor guitar.

In his last conversation with the Customer Relations Manager of the airline, he indicated that he had no alternative other than to create a song and post it on YouTube in order to expose United’ s lack of cooperation, to which the manager replied, “ Good luck with that one, pal” (Wendy 2010, 13). Therefore, he posted the avenging video on YouTube. In the song, he intoned that he "notified three workers who displayed complete inappositeness towards him when he expressed concern to the issue” (Wendy 2010, 13). David filed an entitlement with the airline, which averred that he was unqualified for compensation due to his failure to register his complaint within its postulated fixed 24-hour timeline.

The video gathered more than 13 million views. Within four days of posting, the video, the stock price of the United Airline dropped by 10%.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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