Essays on Attracting, Retaining Customers, and Enhancing the Relationship with Existing Customers Assignment

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The paper "Attracting, Retaining Customers, and Enhancing the Relationship with Existing Customers" is an outstanding example of a marketing assignment.   When an organization goes into business it may choose to adopt a marketing philosophy. Here we note that marketing involves a process of exchanging. This implies that one has to give something and get something in return. Without going far ahead it is important that we define what exactly marketing is. this refers to an iterative or a repetitive process where a given organisation does work with and also adapts to a given market and through procedure of communication, creation, distribution, promotion and pricing of its commodities endeavours in ensuring that we have an exchange that is profitable in terms of society, the particular customers as well as the channel partners.

It is important to point out that the marketing exchange is established upon the conclusion that the two parties involved enter into the exchange voluntarily. Hence the consumers are as well involved in the marketing the moment they make involve themselves in the buyer decision. One of the key goals of the marketing tasks is to attract new customers.

Here it is important to understand that customers are only able and willing to purchase a commodity which they have information about. Marketing thus aims at the relaying of such key information concerning a given commodity in question. For example when customers come to your showroom and they are able to see the variety of products in display, if you are able to inform them adequately in regard to the product which you are dealing with then that is an opportunity for you to attract new customers. Another goal of marketing is that of retaining existing customers.

It is really obvious that the task of getting to make a customer for a given product is not easy. Thus, it is really important that once we get a customer all efforts are made to ensure that they remain faithful to the firm. This involves such things as how the customer complaints are handled. Once a given customer has a concern with a product, the business ought to move in haste to make sure that it is handled appropriately and in good time.

Maintaining of the already existing customer base will keep under check the cost that is incurred in the attraction of new customers. The marketing philosophy may also be applied to make sure that we enhance the relationship with existing customers. This involves making sure that the customers that are already on board feel that value is added to their lives by engaging with the firm. The firm has to be diligent in such things as making timely deliveries and honouring the commitment made to the customers.

When the firm engages in such things as the rectification of after warranty concerns, the customers feel esteemed. This ought not to be limited to the relationship with the customers from outside. It is important to note that the people that work within the firm are customers as well in their own sense. The output they give to the firm ought not to be overlooked, otherwise, the firm risks losing them.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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