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The paper “ Virgin Airways Corporation - Customer Service Failure Recovery” is an  intriguing version of a case study on marketing. I am writing on behalf of Virgin Airways Corporation to apologize for the frustration and inconvenience that you experienced with our services during your flight from Mumbai to Heathrow on 7th December 2008. We are very sorry that the in-flight meals that we offered to you during the trip did not meet your taste. The meals that we served you with are popular in Indian culture. In the past, we used to include the meals that we serve on our other routes.

However, we decided to specialize in such tastes in our Indian routes after we realized that our customers in those routes preferred them to those that we serve in our other routes. We assure you that your comments regarding the meals that you were served with are of utmost importance to us. Our greatest objective is to provide satisfactory services to our customers and so, your report of a disturbing experience. Thus, we have undertaken to incorporate all types of meals that we have on our general menu in all our routes.

We hope this step will alleviate the occurrences of such inconveniences in the future. To compensate you for the inconvenience we caused to you, we are going to afford you a free meal during your next flight with us. To enhance your satisfaction, we are going to provide you with our updated menu for you to make choices based on your taste. Again, we are very sorry for your unfavorable experience with our in-flight entertainment. We understand that entertainment is critical in enhancing relaxation to our customers.

We regret that we were unable to meet the standards of entertainment that you deserved. We had a technical hitch with our entertainment devices for that particular aircraft but this has been rectified. We promise to make arrangements for constant checks and servicing of our entertainment devices for our aircraft in order to avoid occurrences of such a failure in the future. Once again we apologize for your unfavorable experience with us.   We hope to have the pleasure of welcoming you back on board Virgin Airlines to replace the negative impression with a positive one.

You are very important to us and if there is anything else that we can do to ensure your future satisfaction, please feel free to contact me on 777-777-777 or virgin@ourcompany. com. We look forward to continuing our valued association with you. Yours sincerely, Richard Branson. Customer service failure recoveryCustomer satisfaction is the pillar of the success of any business. Precisely, the ability of the owner(s) of a business to understand customers' experience and to turn it into customer care determines its success.

Usually, a high level of customer satisfaction brings loyal customers and leads to a huge potential for an increase in demand for a brand. As such, businesses try all ways possible to enhance satisfaction to their customers. However, despite all attempts taken by firms, a mistake or a service failure does occur on occasion (McCole 2004, p. 346). When service failure occurs, the response of an organization has the potential of either restoring the satisfaction of the inconvenienced customer or to exacerbate and to drive the customer away. The efforts of a firm to restore customer’ s satisfaction and to reinforce loyalty after a service performance failure are known as service recovery.

As Edvardsson et al (2011, p. 332) explains, recovery management has a significant effect on customer evaluations mainly because customers are involved in and observant of a recovery service more emotionally than the service that they are offered routinely or for the first time. To be more precise, customers are often more dissatisfied by the failure of an organization to recover than in a first time service or a routine.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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