Essays on Virgin Australia's Marketing Mix, 7Ps to Market Its Services, Social Media Promotion Case Study

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The paper “ Virgin Australia's Marketing Mix, 7Ps to Market Its Services, Social Media Promotion" is an excellent example of a case study on marketing. Marketers are interested in understanding how companies utilize the marketing mix strategies in order to promote their products. This is due to the increased global competition the need for companies to focus on delivering value to their customers. That is why studying how companies utilize the marketing mix elements is essential for the success of a company. This report tries to explore and analyze how Virgin Australia uses the 7P’ s to market its services.

The report uses both primary and secondary data in order to understand how Virgin Australia uses the 7P’ s to promote its services. The report starts by finding the application of the 7P’ s in Virgin Australia services. The report then goes ahead and recommends how the company can further improve its services using the 7P’ s framework. 1.1 Purpose and scopeFirms must continuously delight their customers by becoming customer-driven in order to achieve success in their operations (Sudhir & Reddy 2010, p. 50). Marketing mix strategies provide organizations with the best tools for developing and promoting their products in order to achieve their marketing objectives.

According to Vrontis, Thrassou & Lamprianou (2009, p. 478) firms must begin by identifying and understanding their customers’ needs, design their product mix strategies, inform the public about the prices of their products and promote the products in a unique and attractive way. Firms must identify the best marketing mix strategies so as to meet the needs and the desires of their customers. Modifying the marketing mix strategies enables the firms to overcome the challenges that they might encounter while delivering their products and services to their customers.

A firm should plan its marketing strategies according to the needs of its customers. Effective marketing mix strategies enable a firm to increase its popularity and to maximize its customer’ s satisfaction hence this is important towards creating and building competitive advantage. Rosenbloom and Dimitrova (2011, p. 54) state that marketing mix strategies are important for customer satisfaction, product and service innovation as well as building customer loyalty hence this ensures long term profitability.

Moreover, efficient marketing mix strategies enable the organization to deliver customer value. This is by delivering products that offer more benefits than the sacrifices made by the customers in buying the products. Therefore, it is evident that marketing mix strategies play an important role in enabling firms to excel in their activities. That is why the study of 7p’ s of marketing has gained increased attention from marketers and academicians. The purpose of this report is to explore how Virgin Australia applies 7p’ s to market its services. 1.2 MethodThe information used in this report was collected from both the primary sources and the secondary sources of data.

Primary data was obtained from personal experiences and observations of Virgin Australia services. Secondary data was obtained from journals, the company website as well as from Virgin Australia publications. The primary data and secondary data were integrated in order to understand how Virgin Australia applies the 7P’ s of Marketing in order to promote its services.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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