Essays on Virgin Blue - Vision, Mission, Strategic Objectives, and Environmental Analysis Case Study

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The paper “ Virgin Blue – Vision, Mission, Strategic Objectives, and Environmental Analysis” is an exciting version of the case study on marketing. Virgin Blue is one of the fastest-growing airways in Australia is looking towards aiming the people who are price-conscious. The company has an aggressive marketing strategy and is looking towards becoming a cost leader and differentiator. To ensure efficiency in operation the company has grown its ties with various retailers and is looking towards marketing themselves aggressively. The SWOT analysis also shows that the company has the scope for growth.

The PESTEL analysis helps to provide the way the external factors are supporting the growth of airlines and the areas the company needs to work on. The company looks to provide different features like no meals for the customer who are price conscious and want cheap tickets, more leg space, removing the middle seats and allowing more baggage for business class. The report also provides the customer aimed at and the market segment that the company looks at. The different direction of marketing also provides the different aspect Virgin Blue need to work on so that they are able to improve their performance. Virgin Blue since operation from 2000 has become one of the largest low-cost providers.

Virgin Blue being in the leisure sector has transformed itself and is eyeing the business sector as this sector is growing. The company has brought about changes that have helped it to become a cost leader and differentiator. Virgin Blue to market in the business sector is looking towards aggressive marketing. To do this the company has come up with different features such as more baggage allowance and more leg space.

The company to retain them is also developing reward programs so that it can retain both the segment and grow to become a leader. The report looks into the marketing aspect of Virgin Blue by analyzing the situational analysis by looking into the manner the internal environment has an effect on the working of the company. Along with it the mission of the company, its promotional strategy, and the present strategy has been looked into. Analyzing these factors will help to understand the present strategy of Virgin and understand the marketing strategy adopted by the company.

The report understands the customer that been targeted by looking towards analyzing the customers along with the effect the external environment has on Virgin. Understanding the external environment will help to find out the manner in which external factors influence the internal environment. The report also dwells on the industry analysis and understanding the manner it has an influence on the marketing strategy of Virgin so that the company is able to build a pool of customers who are loyal.

Some statistics pertaining to a traveller is as follows A vision of Virgin BlueThe vision statement for Sony is to provide services so that people feel the spirit of the country and provide quality services by ensuring maximum satisfaction. The statement looks towards developing and designing new products that help to enhance the experience and also eases life as it makes it easy for users to simplify their lives.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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