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Task Virtual Team Meeting Report A business discussion facilitated by the internet broadcast, email, or videoconferencing is a virtual meeting. The members of an organization that take part in these meetings comprise the virtual team. A virtual meeting requires all participants to concentrate and be attentive as if they were in any other conventional meeting. This brings about discipline within the meeting, hence much easier to address the agendas of the day to ensure closure in a conclusive manner. I attended one of these virtual meetings, which was a very instrumental step in the turn of holding boardroom meetings in our company.

I was the secretary during the meeting, and as such, my role was to record the minutes of the day. This meeting discussed various agendas of the company, inclusive team building, professionalism and cooperation, which is an evasive feature in meetings of such caliber (DeRosa and Lepsinger 134). Using Google doc. During our virtual meeting was very instrumental to the success of our meeting. This program enabled us to communicate efficiently, and this effective exchange of information enabled us to carry out our discussions easily without much fuss.

However, it was not easy to use Google doc. For the very first time during a virtual meeting, but our patience towards each other and understanding enabled each one to get on their best feat to take on the meeting successively. My personal experience with the system was phenomenal. I was able to put across my suggestions, contributions, and opinions against various items on the agenda in a manner that every participant of the meeting could comprehend, thus an active member.

The website is another good platform for holding virtual meetings. This is because it is accessible across the globe, and as such easier for group members to hold a virtual meeting from any corner of the world. In addition, holding a meeting across the website is much easier, faster, and simpler as compared to carrying out a virtual meeting using Google doc. Most company websites have web links that facilitate videoconferencing and webcam discussions. As such, it is easier and much more efficient. The efficiency of websites in holding virtual meetings also doubles up when considered in terms of costs.

This is usually a much cheaper and cost efficient avenue to hold virtual meeting compared to other platforms. As such, a company can take advantage of this to hold as many meeting as possible, especially those geared towards team building, trust and confidence among members of a group (DeRosa and Lepsinger 134). Working together in a virtual meeting was very different from working in a conventional meeting. It was difficult to pay attention, argue out points, as well as, make necessary contributions to the agendas during the meeting.

As such, cooperation and peaceful discussions were very elusive during the meetings in the first place, especially considering this was a new platform in the company. Team building was very difficult due to the lack of interpersonal interactions by group members. Consequently, it is very important for the company to consider the virtue of instituting virtual meetings in the organization per se conventional meetings, due to the adverse effect that these meetings have on the team dynamics in general. On the other hand, the company can carry out extensive team building and orientation programs in order to enable such meetings to be successful for the better of the company.

Work Cited DeRosa, Darleen and Lepsinger, Richard. Virtual Team Success: A Practical Guide for Working and Leading from a Distance. Stamford, Connecticut: John Wiley & Sons, 2010. Print.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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