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The paper “ Recruitment Campaign for Library Volunteers ”   is a   brilliant example of a business plan on human resources. The information sector has seen rapid changes which have resulted in the evaluation of the way libraries run their programs. With the major impact that volunteers have on libraries throughout Australia, it is important to come up with a robust volunteer program in order to provide more effective library services (Nicol & Johnson, 2008). The ‘ Volunteer @ My Library’ program seeks to come up with a practical recruitment campaign for library volunteers that will ensure that libraries attract the best volunteering talent.

Volunteers enhance the performance of paid staff and ensure that the library offers quality services to the patrons (Nicol & Johnson, 2008). Volunteers contribute a myriad of talent, knowledge, and skills to the library staff and patrons which does not only help in building the community but also in connecting people and enhancing a reading culture. This campaign will be used to recruit library volunteers to help in the community library. The impact of volunteering includes; social inclusion, volunteering helps in community development, improving the economy of communities – the money that could have been used to pay volunteers is saved, and social impact on communities. Volunteers are responsible for over 600,000 NFPs in Australia.

Even in instances where NFPs have employed staff, they rely on the goodwill and skills of volunteers (Volunteering Victoria, 2012). Over 57 percent of volunteers volunteer with a course to give back to the community (Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), 2006)The area of volunteering for this project is welfare volunteering, in the recruitment of volunteers.

The program will include; the objectives of the campaign, campaign overview, target audience, position description, how to volunteer, and publicity. Volunteer @ My Library Recruitment CampaignThe LibraryThe library belongs to all of us as a community. The community library is dedicated to enriching the lives of the people and building a reading culture both in children and adults.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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