Essays on Voss Artesian Water from Norway - Brand Analysis, Positioning Strategy and Promotional Strategy Case Study

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The paper "Voss Artesian Water from Norway - Brand Analysis, Positioning Strategy and Promotional Strategy" is a good example of a marketing case study. Voss, as mentioned by Moon, McGovern and Beyersdorfer (1), is a water company that bottles water from Norway and is considered to supply the purest drinking waters in the world. Voss products are packed in a sleek minimalist design cylindrical glass bottle and sold at an ultra-premium price. The company’ s main market is the United States, especially in the on-premise locations, such a clubs, hotels and top-of-the-line restaurants.

The company also focuses on the off-premise channel and has continued to expand its portfolio by supplying, for instance, flavoured water. Competition in the US market is very fierce, and this has led to price wars together with reduced consumer loyalty. As a result, companies have been forced to look for other ways in order to differentiate their products in addition gain improved margins (Moon, McGovern and Beyersdorfer 5). Voss water is sourced from Iceland, Norway, which has been associated with beautiful nature and extreme sports with high mountains.

The name ‘ VOSS’ is used to prove that the water still is sourced from nature and not the distributor or the producer. Recently, the bottled water has become a major industry, which has gained all the legal as well as social armamentarium of the international presence and closely modelled on other industries, such as newsletters, industry associations, trade shows, and so forth. Most water producers follow the expensive beverages models so as to achieve value and hierarchy through connoisseurship as well as competition. This case study focuses on Voss Artesian Water and provides recommendations on the strategies that should be used to ensure future profit targets are met. Current Position of Voss's Brand in the USA The USA is the primary market for Voss Artesian Water, and the brand has positioned itself strongly in the on-premise locations.

Besides that, Voss has recently started penetrating the off-premise locations. As mentioned by Voss World, the company has strongly positioned itself in the US market by building On-Premise distribution platforms, and as of 2007, Voss had a customer base of 10,500 customer accounts (Moon, McGovern and Beyersdorfer 6).

Besides that, the company has developed a growing brand of premium water within the on-premise segment, and as a result, it is considered as the most elite water brand in the US. Between 2001 and 2006, Voss had a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 82 per cent in revenues (Voss World). Although the US is experiencing a shift far from sugary and soda beverages, Beverage Marketing Corporation maintains that the bottled water has been experiencing significant growth to an extent that it is expected to surpass the carbonated soft drinks in the US by 2016 (BevNET).

The US market is more congested, with brands competing fiercely so as to achieve American consumer attention. Presently, Voss has become the fastest growing brand in the U. S., especially for premium water products. Akin to Evian, Voss has attracted the attention of trendsetters and celebrities; thus, it frames itself as the new best of the best luxurious water brand. The bottled water packaging mould was broken by Voss’ new cylindrical glass bottle.

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