Essays on Leadership Style of W James McNerney, Boeing Company CEO Case Study

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The paper 'Leadership Style of W James McNerney, Boeing Company CEO" is a good example of a management case study. Boeing Company was founded in 1916. It has been able to achieve solid and sustained performance as well as profitability. The company aims to protect people by producing astounding services and products that describe aerospace. According to Boeing Company (2010), the company leadership provides its employees with the skills and knowledge that they require and this can be attributed to its success. Moreover, the company's ability to manage its broad portfolio of products has been a major factor that has fueled its continued growth.

However, the company faces challenges related to underdevelopment in space-based traffic air management and worldwide mobile communications that can allow its customers to be connected to high bandwidth data. This research paper aims to explore Boeing CEO, W. James McNerney, Jr who has played an integral role in the company's success. McNerney, Jr Background James McNerney, Jr, was born on 22 August 1949 in Rhode Island. In 1967 he graduated from High school and then proceeded to Yale University where he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1971.

He later attended Harvard Business School wherein 1975 he was awarded a Masters of Business Administration. Before going to Harvard he had worked for both G. D Searle & Company and British United Provident for one year. McNerney was appointed as the chairman, CEO, and President of the Boeing Company on 30th June 2005. This was after the resignation of the former Boeing CEO Phil Condit in 2003 due to contracting scandals while his predecessor, Harry Stonecipher, was forced to leave the post because of engaging himself in an affair with a Boeing executive.

Before his appointment as the CEO of Boeing, McNerney served as a member of the company board from 2001 (Boeing, 2012). Awards and Recognition According to Boeing (2012), McNerney was awarded Inaugural Turning Point Award in 2012 from the United States Army War College Foundation for his efficient leadership that enabled Boeing to turn its strategic point. Moreover, he received the Semper Fidelis Award in 2012 from the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation for his service to the U. S that illustrated the Marine Corps Motto which requires individuals to always remain faithful.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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