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The paper "Marketing Promotion Manager in IT Career" is an outstanding example of marketing coursework.   My name is Wang and I am a female student aspiring for a future career in Marketing Promotion Manager in IT. A marketing promotions manager in IT needs to be creative enough so that the promotions projects appeal to the targeted audience. Additionally, my willingness to learn is also a personality that will go down well with my future career. It is essential for creative directors to be ready to learn from their own mistakes as well as from their own subordinates.

The advertising and marketing profession is very dynamic and professional who has a willingness to learn personality will most definitely succeed. I enjoy working with different people and this has helped my interpersonal skills a great deal. Interpersonal skills are very important for any career, but most important careers that require frequent interaction and brainstorming with professionals in different roles. I try as much as possible to listen to people’ s ideas whether I agree with them or not because I believe that every person’ s opinion counts.

My interpersonal skills have enabled my group to come up with creative ideas because I have learnt how to deal with different personalities and people. In addition to my interpersonal skills, I have learnt to communicate well with different people too. Good communication skills are very crucial in the line of career I want to pursue. I have seen people who have good ideas but are unable to pitch these ideas properly because their personalities fail them when it comes to communicating. Having good communication skills ensures that I am able to pitch my ideas in such a way that anybody listening can understand them easily. Last but not least, I believe that I have a creative personality.

I believe my personality best suits this job because I am very creative and also tend to learn from other’ s creativity. I have always been told that coming up with new and imaginative ideas have been my forte. This strong personality trait has had a great effect on my preparation for my future career as I try to create new ideas from old ideas and coming up with promotional projects that are very interesting. Marketing Promotion Manager in IT My dream career is to be a Marketing Promotion Manager in IT and later on hold a position as an Advertising Creative Director.

A Marketing Promotion Manager in the field of IT is responsible for various duties that are meant to promote a company’ s products and services. Information Technology acts as a significant avenue for communicating and creating creative promotional messages that can readily appeal to customers. My main responsibility will be to supervise promotions programs as well as combine advertising with promotional deals that entice consumers. In any business, it is important that the effectiveness of every promotion be measured so that the company knows what it is doing wrong and what is not being done right.

Additionally, measuring effectiveness allows the company to direct promotional activities to the right customer target. With the advancement in technology, Promotional Marketing Managers are able to track customer behaviour and in turn personalize their promotional activities. It is the work of a Promotion Marketing Manager in the IT sector to monitor customer behaviour and line these results with the company’ s promotional and marketing strategies.

Such strategies may include the use of social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to do their promotional activities.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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