Essays on Warren Buffet The Human Business Tycoon Admission/Application Essay

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 Warren Buffet’s outlook is undoubtedly static with his impulsive concerns for business excellence while his philanthropic drive makes him the ‘Oracle of Omaha’ (Crouch). Failure was strange to him as he has been running faster than time itself apparently with the fundamental principle of losing no money which helped him pioneer all the endeavors he approached. In my view, this giant killer tycoon is a comprehensive model for professional benchmarking with inherent talents of trade that yielded him a Midas touch to turn his dreams reality. Buffet’s ‘amoebic instinct’ of engulfing the target with its surroundings claimed him wealth while posing a discernible dread among his contenders.

Inundating money flow at its apex was not enough for this visionary to quench prosperity quest. His feats always impressed the insignia of iconic financial growth that adds to my inspiration to learn about this personality with absolute attention to ascertain the great facts of his untold personality. Presumably, Buffet’s philosophical dominance of his own will rewarded him with a unique stardom among the people all over the world. I have a strong affinity towards finance and business management and it was so, since the very beginning of my education.

I always loved to learn about business and great business men like Buffet. I often feel that his traits are somewhat similar to that of mine, for the silence on his smiling face speaks to me the heights of his humanitarian aptitude and the unconvinced thirst for service to the world. Buffet grabs the praise of all not only for his achievements, but for the spirit he retains to love the world beyond his business.

While I am trying to absorb the magnificence of his personality, he draws all my attention to extol his success as a loveable human being. Omaha hails his efforts as he hails Omaha’s prosperity – a simple evidence of this prospect is his consistent lifestyle attached to the restaurants and pavements of his home town. Buffet deserves my hearty applauds for his enduring tranquility during miseries and the vows he holds for charity and protection to the poor. This is one of the notable aspects of my own character I believe, because I do not usually flare-up when I confront with unexpected challenges; instead, I try to calm myself and wait for the right time to act.

In every sense, one can’t easily believe Buffet to be so rich if he is seen mingling with people or driving along the crowded streets of New York, but the passiveness seen on his face is the indication of the concealed magnitude of wisdom and might to master the world with money and humanity. Admittedly, this simplicity is really a royal virtue for a person like Buffet, and something that I would like to take up as my accolade.

As Connors points out, Buffet upholds the principles of retained relationships and balanced ethics of business with high level concern for safety of investment (99). A man who forgets his own health for the progress of his business and the human community, he is sensitive of the negative changes and requires emotional and ideological support for a revival. Buffet is philosophical and sympathetic when mingling with common people. However he needs to break the repression of ideas and come out with initiation to adopt new ventures in business.

His silence may be the signature of his wisdom and the retentive ability to manage business deals, but the world demands his words and deeds of excellence to set benchmarks for emerging entrepreneurs. Overall, I would like to see him as a role model par excellence for professional distinction and admire the might concealed inside his enduring humility to win the world of prosperity and humanity. Works Cited Crouch, Stanley. Oracle of Omaha educates elephants: Warren Buffett wants to pay more in taxes.

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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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