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Pushing Tin – Application Of Model Of Stres The movie d Pushing Tin was released during the period of 1999 and was directed by Mike Newell (Newell 1). The movie focuses on an individual named Nick Falzone who works as a controller of the air traffic and is even the leading actor of the entire movie. The movie and the leading character exhibit the stress that is experienced by controllers of air traffic in their daily lives due to the issues they experience on and off the job.

The movie depicts in details the various aspects of the stress model and provides insights about stressors, the way individual are respond when they experience stress and the outcome of those responses. The movie Pushing Tin provides a clear depiction of stressors that an individual experiences in his/her life. Stressors are elements in the environment of an individual and an individual experiences stress as a response to these elements (Walker 485). In the life of Nick Falzone the main stressor was the individual named Russell and this individual became a stressor because Nick believed that he will sleep with Nick’s wife in order to take revenge from Nick for sleeping with Russell’s wife.

The amount of stress that an individual experiences depends on his/her own perception of stress in their lives. This perception of stress is recognized as perceived stress and in case of Nick it was quite evident that he thought that his job as well as his family life was causing him too much stress. There are various ways through which individuals cope with a stressful situation. One such way is the fight or flight method of responding to stress (Walker 485).

In the case of movie Pushing Tin, the leading character of the movie is witnessed using the fight method of responding to stress. He does so by competing with Russell in various such as car racing to prove him that he is more of a man as compared to Russell. When an individual experiences stressors in their lives, they change their behaviors as a response to stress. In case of Nick, his behavior towards his wife changed from negative to positive as a result of the stress caused due to the fear that he will lose his wife to Russell.

Another important element of the stress model is distress which refers to the feeling of pain and lack of satisfaction and motivation when an individual experiences a stressful situation (Walker 486). In case of Pushing Tin, the lead actor experiences distress when his wife leaves him. As a result of this loss, he loses his concentration at work and starts making mistakes and even eventually loses his job.

All stress is not bad, stressors that make an individual respond in a better and positive manner is considered as good stress and this form of stress is regarded as eustress (Walker 483). In the case of Pushing Tin, the lead actor decides to get his job back and reconcile with Russell. This is because he dislikes that he had lost his job. The stress caused due to loss of employment made him correct his behavior and this stress indicates the elements of eustress. Works Cited Newell, Mike. Pushing Tin (1999).

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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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