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The paper "Proper Water Management " is an outstanding example of management coursework.   Water is a perilous natural resource that is depended on by economic, social activities and the ecosystem functions. Proper water management calls for suitable governing arrangements that move water considerations from the government margins to the center of the society. From a local and national scale adequately and properly funded infrastructure, as well as government mechanism, are needed to protect its resources and make sure that there are sustainable development and equal distribution of benefits derived from water. There are key uncertainties that emanate from the amount of water that is expected to take care of the general public demand for vitality, nourishment and other human needs to support the biological system.

These misgivings are exacerbated by environmental change impacts on water resources availability (U. N., 2013). There is a need for increased recognition of the fact that water is noted a local, regional or national issues whose governance can be based on these distinct levels. Contrary, world interdependencies are merged through water such that decisions made in relation to water use on a national, local or even regional level in most case cannot be in isolation from world drivers, uncertainties and trends.

Therefore, in order to get a clear objective on this issue from an international point of view and specific focus to the UN water task force. This report seeks to meet the following objectives. Broadly identifying and discussing: Water security and the implications of water waste. International marketing communication challenges faced when it comes to issues related to water security focusing on the UN. Water security and implications of water waste Water security alludes to the ability of the population to protect a managed access to a reasonable measure of adequate quality water to improve employments, human prosperity, and social monetary advancement sustenance among others.

There are many factors that contribute to water security raging from institutional, political financial and social factors. The issue of water security lies within the center of numerous security areas with intricate connection to water. In order to address this objective, there is a need for interdisciplinary collaboration between communities and political borders (WWAP, 2009).

This will guarantee adequate management of potential conflicts over water resources amongst water users or states. This implies that through good governance of water achieving water security is enhanced which requires institutions that are empowered and well-designed through supporting policy instruments. This implies that in order to achieve the goal of water security that carbs even water wastes factors such as legal, regulatory institution and capacity for change, management structures, and novel forms of relationships among others must be enhanced by the key players. In addition, the governance structures internationally should be adopted to water needs and applied at numerous levels to have a mutual reinforcement and complement one another. Investing in water security will lower the case of water waste and this process when focused on a long term perspective it is likely to pay off in terms of economic growth and human development.

There can be also immediate-short gains generated by these long term gains. This implies that important upfront investment is needed but their effects will be felt through increased capacity, good institutions, environmental sustainability and reduced conflicts.

Water waste implications can be reduced through well-enhanced water security where short term benefits such as employment increase, education opportunities mainly among women and girls can be enjoyed. In addition to the long-run reduction in health care spending, labor diversion and productivity losses can be reduced significantly (WWAP, 2009). Therefore, investment in water security through capacity building, sustenance of water-related ecosystem services and natural infrastructure are some of the good managerial measures that can be employed to mitigate case of water security and water waste implications.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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