Essays on Ways Colonialism Impacted Africa Assignment

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IntroductionAfrica is known to be a nation that is rich in so many natural resources. They include minerals like gold. The weather is so captivating with the sun being overhead throughout the year. Such attractive aspects about Africa made the western nations to be interested in this continent. This resulted in the colonization of most of the African countries. Many scholars have handled this issue that concerns the impacts of colonization in Africa. Some assert that colonization of Africa had positive impacts. On the other hand, there are some scholars who say that colonization of Africa was not beneficial to the continent in any way.

Still others have mixed reactions on this topic. This paper is dealing with the impacts of colonization in Africa. This is according to the text; African studies a survey of Africa, third edition. (Tolbert, 2001) Chapter 1, 2, 3Colonization can be described as a practice where indigenous people are oppressed by people from other nations though the ‘visitors’ stay in the land. The most common colonies of Africa include Portugal, Netherlands, Britain, Denmark and Spain. These colonies had remarkable impacts on the continent of Africa. EducationAccording to the book, the impacts of colonization in Africa include the inception of education.

Before colonization occurred in Africa, the natives never went to school. When the white man started settling in Africa, his children somehow had to continue with their education. This saw to it the start of schools in Africa. Initially, schools only belonged to white children since the blacks were slaves and had to work in the farms that the white men had taken from them.

The blacks through interaction with the whites embraced education. This also included religion. Many colonies are known to have introduced religion in Africa. These impacts are still evident in the African continent to date. (Tolbert, 2001) Chapter 5TechnologyAnother effect of colonization in Africa is start of technology. By the time the whites were colonizing Africa, there was no technology whatsoever. This was in all sectors. Traditional means for instance were used to communicate in case there was any message. This included smoke that would come from a lit fire. This would show a specific message like death etc.

(Tolbert, 2001) Chapter 2,3In case a person had to communicate to another friend or relative, then messengers were used. They would run for long distances until they delivered the message. Unfortunately, many of them died before reaching their destination since they were devoured by world animals. The colonialists brought in information technology like telephones and post offices. This technological advancement is evident to date in South Africa and other African nations. This definitely was a positive impact. DependencyWhen colonization occurred in Africa, Africans generally got used to the white man doing most of the things for them.

This included planning and the financial management of the entire economy. This had some negative effects on Africans. It resulted in what can be descried as a dependency syndrome. This has made Africans to depend on the western nations to date. This is in financial, political and economic issues among others. For instance their banks still have to adhere to the rules of the World Bank. They still rely on financial aid from western nations. (Tolbert, 2001) Chapter 4

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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