Essays on Ways in Which Not-for-Profit Organizations Can Raise Their Profile by Using Social Media Assignment

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The paper “ Ways in Which Not-for-Profit Organizations Can Raise Their Profile by Using Social Media” is a  spectacular example of an assignment on marketing. The available mediums in social media that not for profit organizations can use are Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace categorized under network builders, Google hangout and Wikis categorized under collaboration tools, YouTube, and blogs categorized under conversation starters (Kanter and Allison 2010). One needs to start by creating an interactive website and a good email support system before venturing into social media sites. This is because once the viewers see the content on the social sites they will want to get more information from the organization’ s website.

Secondly, venture into the most appropriate social site for your brand. It is recommendable to hire a content manager as social media marketing consumes a lot of time and the nature of the content posted is vital. The content needs to be original and interesting to the viewer to arouse curiosity and subsequent visits. Then one needs to find a way to link the user content from one site to another. For example, if a blog post was the initial posting, use Facebook and Twitter to repost it to more viewers (Omidvar 2011).

The content should have the auditor’ s name and the stories should integrate donor and staff stories with supporting videos and pictures to give it a more personal touch. Share stories that are not directly linked to your organization but which share some degree of commonness with your values. This keeps the viewers interested and encourages interaction with other organizations. Share your viewers’ stories on your site as well. Make them feel that you support their cause as well.

Engage your viewers in a discussion when you get feedback. It is advisable to engage the viewers by personification, for example addressing them by their names. Remember to thank the visitors to your site and tell them what to expect next. It creates a feeling of eagerness and suspense. All these actions enhance loyalty with your supporters. They change from being supporters to true friends and they can freely share your cause with their friends and families creating the necessary social support needed in a not for profit organization (Miller 2012).

The organization majorly depends on volunteers and the more friends and loyal supporters for your cause the higher the chance of volunteers. It is also important to follow up on your loyal supporters through personal calls or emails and thank them personally. One can also ask them to grace occasions by your organization such as the end of year parties free of charge. Post pictures and videos of such events and inform the viewers that you hosted some lucky supporters.

Lastly, one should also use internet-marketing metrics to gauge the performance of the marketing strategy. Such metrics include time-trending data that shows weekly, monthly, and yearly trends of your site, comparative data that shows how your site fairs compared to competitors, and use such data to improve (Treadaway and Smith 2012).  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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