Essays on WEB 2.0 - WHAT'S IT ALL ABOUT Assignment

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1.0 Introduction: The newest tool that has been introduced in the making of World Wide Web technology in terms of web pages and web homes and web design is known as WEB 2.0. The web is made up of pages connected through internet that the users may access and view on their computers and devices. Development of these pages has been widely in a generalised pattern where web sites could only be viewed and had its limitations in terms of interactivity. Users could only view the pages and could not change the way they could relate their life style and requirements to the way each individual page would appear- just for them.

Its major function is to facilitate creativity and the way information is reached and perceived through the world wide web to the user, the foremost utility being collaboration among users. This idea has given rise to web-based communities and many hosted services have emerged out of it, such as social-networking sites, wikis, blogs and Folksonomy (social tagging). (Solomon & Schrum, 2007). These new developments in the terms of social networking sites are the way the new development in the making of web pages are used to make the internet pages more interactive with people.

The idea is to make a web page that will allow users to change the layouts, send instant messages, post offline messages, add pictures, create events and make a story board of their life like a personal diary online which may be shared with people of their common interests. Furthermore, all users involved in these web pages may also look for other people that share the same interests and make communities and groups like a book club as a sub section of these pages. Despite being a new version of the World Wide Web the phrase, however, does not amend anything in technical specifications, it only guides the software developers and end-users to adopt the changes in the ways they use their webs.

Many experts in Web technologies may say that computer industry has observed a business revolution in the form of Web 2.0. All the more so as internet has come to be used as the new platform and web 2.0 helps and guides people to successfully work on that platform (Solomon & Schrum, 2007).

However, there may be concerns whether Web 2.0 has anything new to offer as many of its contents already exist since the very beginning of the Web. Web 2.0 has been defined by many people. Web 2.0 may be helpful in the to usage of web as a business platform with enlarged facility of communication with the audiences across the globe (Johnson, 2006). Comments: The opening needs to be changed, remember it is like a beginners guide to web 2.

Please don’t use complex words like realm, prominent, dissemination, etc, use simple easy words so that reader can understand it understand it. What does “opines” means, I have highlighted in it the paragraph. Need to explain what social-networking sites are. Who are O’REILLY and Tim Berners-Lee? You mentioned but the reader doesn’t know who they are. Never assume nothing, the reader know nothing. You need to compare their views on both writers on web 2Also the way u writer it some like it from the internet, i.e.

“A prominent technology expert Tim Berners-Lee”. I don’t want that please.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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