Essays on Webinars (History of Advertising) Essay

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Webinars Insert Insert A webinar is web platform that facilitates conferencing via the internet. The hosting company uses it to linkan individual to an audience of persons listening or viewing through the webinar. It mostly encompasses either a lecture, a presentation or a workshop then transmitted via the website in form of a video. It integrates teleconferencing software capabilities. The host and the audience can be able to discuss and asks questions through the interactive sections. The webinar in case handles information on marketing strategies. The core agenda is creating a connection between the strategies on content and creating an opportunity for content to advance to many devices.

The means of attaining this are key especially when integrating them with business to business and business to consumer type of companies. Initially, we want to know the struggling state of marketers as well as the consumer’s nature to want every encounter to be a worthwhile one. According to the text, having marketing and the strategy of the content interlinked is likely to deliver. In this case, the solutions build to come up with high profile development for a specific audience so that it suites their brands (Info. contentmarketinginstitute. com, 2015).

It encompasses connecting ecommerce through a blog, disseminating relevant content for the product, linking with discussion forums and addressing user needs through answering their queries is an excellent move. The posts especially on the blogs have an impact in creating a cross-sell platform. It is also wise to engage the audience through them subscribing to your contents which plays a role in making data actionable. Content that directly impacts the audience requires personalization as well as forming an audience-centric kind of connection especially when aligning their technological efforts. The fight to align content with technology is one the requires management of the core data, engagement platform and forming an experience of the management.

That has to align with audience connection and business connection. All this should be masked in intelligent content formed through formation of a brand, establishing various channels for the brand and providing the same in various languages and media. The solution to problems in the enterprise will require solving issues regarding to relevance of content on particular situations or users.

Further, accessibility of content should be key besides lack of means to track performance within the enterprise. Therefore the solutions will relate to filtering and organization of content and presenting relative information timely. In addition, integration of the content resource management with a means to monitor performance forms the ultimate goal. That should align with ingestion which involves owned & earned content from various systems for centrality of content. It then follows that you have to append and enrich content with product and user data specifically on interests, location, likes, products, influence, comments and demographics.

Also, organization of content that is smart into customer and product playlists that will allow the user to share. Next, there is publishing of playlists with 1:1 and 1: many applications. Measuring content is done to complete the equation on performance across all endpoints. These relates to in-store, social, desktop and a mobile platform. References Info. contentmarketinginstitute. com. (2015). Retrieved 15 June 2015, from http: //info. contentmarketinginstitute. com/acton/rif/5141/s-0a0c-1505/-/e-13c4-l-sf-cl-70160000000Q0dZAAS-07c5:2e1f/q-6533/showPreparedMessage? utm_medium=email&utm_source=Act-On+Software&utm_content=email&utm_campaign=%5BNew%20Webinar%5D%20Intelligent%20Content%3A%20Scaling%20Content%20Strategies%20Across%20Devices&utm_term=Click%20here&sid=RDKXfDHoT

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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