Essays on Automotive Website and Its Features and Functionalities Case Study

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The paper "Automotive Website and Its Features and Functionalities" is a wonderful example of a Marketing Case Study. The importance of the website has grown in the last few years as it has become an important tool in the hands of organizations that determine their business success. The manner in which technology has grown and the invent of new methods which allow people to be connected even at far off places by clicking a mouse has helped to improve the process of answering queries and solving matters in a few seconds.

This has also been used by the business to develop ways through which they are able to expand their business opportunity and have thereby been able to develop their services which have helped the revenues to soar up. This increases the development of a web interface which enables customers to get the required information as the interface should be simple and communicative. This has helped to identify convenience and easy use as one of the main factors which determine the success of the website over a longer period of time. Different theories and areas in relation to web interface have been identified and developed so that the complex business goals which look towards ensuring better customer usage pattern and use of the brick and mortar system has helped to increase the efficiency.

This has helped to improve the web interface and acts as major factors that determine the success of the organization. The development of an e-commerce platform which ensures that there is better access and transition has helped to develop the entire process and increased convenience in the user interface.

The different models which have been developed looks towards ensuring that a platform is created through which in-depth assessment of the users and their application of technology so that better interface can be developed and proper services through the development of new online applications can be provided. This has thereby provided different heuristics and testing ability to gauge the manner in which websites help to improve the interface between the user and the company. This report looks into a comprehensive assessment of five website companies Holden Australia, Toyota Australia, Honda Australia, Suzuki Australia and Mitsubishi Australia all dealing in the automotive industry.

This paper looks to make a comparison based on different parameters and features provided by the website like effectiveness, usage, objectives and congruence of all the aspect to improve customer interface. This further looks towards examining the relevant areas through which the overall business parameters can be evaluated and process developed to improve customer satisfaction by meeting their expectations. Automotive Website – Features & Functionalities Before moving on to the different features which the automotive industry looks towards providing to its customers it is important to understand the manner in which the different key factors have a role in determining the usage pattern for people surfing the websites of automotive companies.

The automotive industry like other industries has undergone widespread changes by ensuring better product visibility, features, videos, and pricing. This has ensured that the customers are able to collect relevant information pertaining to the companies’ products its features without looking to visit the stores. This has improved the manner in which buisness is done so that comfort and ease in gathering information can be obtained by just clicking on the mouse.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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