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The paper "Website Audit - Myer and David Jones" is a great example of a marketing case study.   Myer was founded in 1900 in Bendigo, Victoria in Australia but now headquartered in Melbourne. Some of the key people in Myer are Paul McClintock (chairman) and Sidney Myer (founder) and Bernie Brooks the CEO. The company is engaged in the retail of clothing and beauty products such as Miss shop (youth), Menswear, Womenswear, Intimate apparel, Childrenswear, Fragrance, Beauty, Toys, Homewares, Handbags, Footwear, General Merchandise and accessories. The current 2014 capitalization is AUD$3.2 billion while operating income is AUD$160 million and an employee base of over 19,000 people.

It is publicly listed in the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) as MYR (Greenblat, 2009). Operational areas are within Australia states and Capital Territories. This report will focus on Myer Brand. David Jones is a retail company formed in 1838 by David Jones in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. It is now a subsidiary of Woolworth Holdings with a revenue base of AUD $1.85 billion as at 2013 while the operating income stands at AUD $149 million derived from operations within Australia states and Capital Territories.

Key people in the company are Gordon Cairns (Chairman), David Thomas (COO) and Paul Zahra (CEO). It has 38 locations, 7200 employees and operates a product range of fashion, cosmetics, food, electrical, furniture and homewares (Mitchell, 2014). This report will focus on David Jones Brand. Domain The company is the biggest in the departmental store group in Australia with a focus on in-store, mobile and online transactions. It has a strong web presence in its brand categories and product lines depending on the market segments under a common domain link www. myer. com. au. Website ACT landing page-selects the product based on the target market/segments/events http: //www. myer. com. au/shop/mystore/women Women boots, lingerie, accessories, shoes, dresses and clothing http: //www. myer. com. au/shop/mystore/men Men's’ sweaters, Knitwear, shoes, coats and Jackets http: //www. myer. com. au/shop/mystore/kids-toys Toys online and kids clothing http: //www. myer. com. au/shop/mystore/home Home Dé cor, cookware, furniture and bathroom http: //www. myer. com. au/shop/mystore/gifts Christmas gifts http: //www. myer. com. au/shop/mystore/electrical Gadgets and appliances http: //www. myer. com. au/shop/mystore/offers Christmas offers https: //www. myerone. com. au/ Reward program http: //careers. myer. com. au/caw/en/listing/ Careers and campaigns http: //www. myer. com. au/shop/mystore/beauty Beauty products http: //blog. myer. com. au/ Search opinions on women, men, health and beauty, shop, home and lifestyle. Rating: 2 Notes: There is only one sponsored link to the myer. com. au where one can access the products and brands.

The domain has both. com and. au which is an Australian domain. The URL options are unique and provide an individualized view of the contents without close similarity with myerfoundation. org. au which is a separate philanthropic site of the Myer Foundation. The number of sites is 11 for the Myer brand with many sponsored URL to the various products within the site. The report will focus on the Myer brand within the ACT territory.

It is easier to obtain immediate information since all the URL above is under a common link www. myer. com. au. The domain is davidjones. com. au. Just like Myer, David Jones has a strong web presence in the ACT and Australian states but instead of the market segments, it is represented in the form of product range or brands.

Each product line allows the user to browse by brand, segment and trends. However, it differs with Myer in the range of products available as it has more sites to find the various products (Ook, 2000). There is little focus on electrical since the core business of the company was in clothing and fashion wear. The website has a dedicated page to DJ Style that focuses on fashion designs which are not featured by Myer. Website ACT landing page http: //shop. davidjones. com. au/djs/en/davidjones/women Women clothing, bags, shoes and accessories http: //shop. davidjones. com. au/djs/en/davidjones/men Men's grooming and wear http: //shop. davidjones. com. au/djs/en/davidjones/bags Women and Men’ s bags and accessories http: //shop. davidjones. com. au/djs/en/davidjones/beauty Makeup, manicure and pedicure items http: //shop. davidjones. com. au/djs/en/davidjones/children Toys and books, girls and boy’ s shoes http: //shop. davidjones. com. au/djs/en/davidjones/home& food Food and wine, bed and bath http: //shop. davidjones. com. au/djs/en/davidjones/electrical Small and large appliances http: //shop. davidjones. com. au/djs/en/davidjones/christmas Gifts, decorations and Christmas shop http: //shop. davidjones. com. au/djs/en/davidjones/gift-ideas Gift ideas, cards and choice http: //shop. davidjones. com. au/djs/en/davidjones/sales Offers on the various brands http: //www. davidjones. com. au/DJSTYLE/Trending Fashion stories and social media Rating: 2 Notes: The website has 11 major links to the various products and brands just like Myer. By just pointing the cursor on the brand like bags, a list of items pops up below which is also the case with Myer where one has to scroll below the main item to view the items underneath. https: //davidjones. americanexpress. com is an American Express card company.



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