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The paper "Web Company Analysis - Myer and David Jones" is a good example of a marketing case study.   Myer was founded in 1900 in Bendigo, Victoria in Australia but now headquartered in Melbourne. Some of the key people in Myer are Paul McClintock (chairman) and Sidney Myer (founder) and Bernie Brooks the CEO. The company is engaged in the retail of clothing and beauty products such as Miss shop (youth), Menswear, Womenswear, Intimate apparel, Childrenswear, Fragrance, Beauty, Toys, Homewares, Handbags, Footwear, General Merchandise and accessories. The current 2014 capitalization is AUD$3.2 billion while operating income is AUD$160 million and an employee base of over 19,000 people.

It is publicly listed in the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) as MYR (Greenblat, 2009). Operational areas are within Australia states and Capital Territories. This report will focus on Myer Brand. David Jones is a retail company formed in 1838 by David Jones in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. It is now a subsidiary of Woolworth Holdings with a revenue base of AUD $1.85 billion as at 2013 while the operating income stands at AUD $149 million derived from operations within Australia states and Capital Territories.

Key people in the company are Gordon Cairns (Chairman), David Thomas (COO) and Paul Zahra (CEO). It has 38 locations, 7200 employees and operates a product range of fashion, cosmetics, food, electrical, furniture and homewares (Mitchell, 2014). This report will focus on David Jones Brand.   Marketing Mix Product: women bags, men’ s clothing, accessories, kids toys and clothes, electrical, beauty and home accessories Price: Prices are not listed against the items but discounts have been provided during the Christmas season. Promotion: Online advertising is based on a balance between text and visual presentations. Distribution: Products are distributed in stores and also online through deliveries from paid orders. Rating: 2 Products: Availability of various brands for women, men, children, kids and beauty seekers.

They come with accessories and trendy items. Price: Most items have prices attached to the element depending on the item; they have price tags attached with psychological pricing informing the pricing strategy. Promotion: Promotional strategy depicts a highly visual web content which appeals to the eyes of the buyers. The prices and discounts are also offered which is a plus in advertisement and promotions. Distribution: Online distribution is the easier and cheaper channel where customers make an order using David Jones Cards and deliveries made to their doorsteps. Rating: 2 Clicks One clicks twice to get to the details of the products.

For fashion and beauty, the clicks are three. Myer has a flatter upper menu where a user easily accesses the products or log in a site if a member. The user has to point to the product but click on the items falling on the drop-down menu. Main menu, sub-menu and item list are active clicks. Rating: 2 Clicks to get to products are two while news and information are four.

Just like Myer, David Jones also has a flatter upper menu where a user easily accesses the products or login the site if a member. The user has to point to the product but click on the items falling on the drop-down menu. However, sub-menus are inactive. Rating: 2 Apps Myer one App is downloadable and accessible through Android and IPad show-cases customer services like notices, product recalls, pricing policy and FAQs. Rating: 2 Omni-channel iPad app is free and involves live footage of Sydney catwalk, Autumn/Winter collections and image sharing. Rating: 2 Mobile The site can be accessed on a mobile phone but requires Android and iPad to see all the pictures and watch news or events. Rating: 1 The site can be accessed on a mobile phone but requires Android and iPad to see all the pictures and watch news or events.

The site as a mobile application for one to conveniently use 4-G enabled phones. Rating: 1 Others QR Codes Intellectual Property Rights Custom Hash The site has Dynamic QR Codes recognizable meaning that there are temporary QR Apps installed for the Christmas season.

However, it has a copyright statement at the bottom. The Rating: 1 Unlike Myer, David Jones site does have a static QR code piece of technology to bridge the physical-digital gap. It has the intellectual copyright to identify the company. Rating: 1 Scoring Template ID 1 Domain 2 2 2 Search Engine Position 2 2 3 Condition: Situational analysis 2 1 4 Business Models 1 1 5 Context 2 2 6 Content 2 2 7 Corporate ID and Design 1 2 8 Conventions 1 1 9 Customer-focused 0 0 10 Community 1 2 11 Customization 0 1 12 Communication 1 1 13 Compliance 0 0 14 Connection 2 2 15 Commerce 2 2 15 Convergence 1 2 16 Cross-promotions 2 2 17 Compliance 0 0 18 Currency 1 2 19 Corporate 2 2 20 Corporate responsibility 2 2 21 Investor relations 2 0 22 Marketing Mix 2 2 23 Clicks 2 2 24 Apps 2 2 25 Mobile 1 1 26 Others 1 1   Total 37 39 Conclusion From the comparisons of the two companies, Myer and David Jones, it can be concluded that the companies have a similar operational environment and macro-environment. They have a long history of supply of products and services in Australia.

The design of their websites is similar to the platforms appealing to all the customers in the target segments. The sites are interactive, simplistic and friendly to new online learners and those learning the English Language. The website content contains photographs, graphics and text that highlight the communications of the company to employees, customers, community, shareholders and suppliers. The delicate choice of photos and graphics is an attempt to create fashion and beauty as imagination in the eyes of the target audience which is the essence of online promotion (Thomas, 2011).  



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