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The paper "Telstra Website Audit" is an outstanding example of a marketing case study.   The research strives to examine, audit and appraise the website of Telstra Corporation Limited  (Telstra Corp) Australia, http: //www. telstra. com. au/, with an objective of providing in-depth objective analysis and review of the website of the to determine its conformance to several metrics. In essence, the research focuses on auditing several features of the website such Usability, Content, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Position, The Websites Domain, Corporate Identity and Design, Context, Condition, Customer Focus, Conventions, Community, Customisation, Communication, Commerce, Compliance, Currency, Convergence, Connection, Cross Promotion, Corporate, Corporate Responsibility, Clicks, Investor Relations, The marketing mix and other factors such as web strategy.

The audit of the Telstra website shall be done, the vis-à -vis audit of the websites of two closest competitors, Optus telecommunications, http: //www. optus. com. au and Vodafone Australia, http: //www. vodafone. com. au. The three companies are in the telecommunication sector and compete in offering a wide range of services. The website audits are unbiased, constructive, critical and objective appraisal considering several points of view. An imperative consideration is the web site’ s effectiveness in communicating the company’ s message as well as encouraging and facilitating sales. Introduction Telstra Corporation Limited  abbreviated as  Telstra Corp of Australia is the most prevalent telecommunication service provider, offering within the country and international mobile services, expanse telephone services, dialup wireless,   cable  internet access, Digital Subscriber Link, cabled and wireless telephone services.

The company is located at Telstra World Headquarters, Telstra Corporate Centre  at 242 Exhibition Street,   Melbourne,   Australia, offering Telecommunication industry services. SingTel Optus Pty Limited abbreviated Optus Telecommunication; is a fully owned subsidiary of  Singapore Telecommunications and the second-largest  telecommunications  company in  Australia. The company is headquartered in Sydney, Australia and offers integrated telecommunication services in the country.

Optus has several services in the entertainment and information technology sector such as subscription television services, mobile voice, satellite services, data, local, national, and long-distance telephony services, Wi-Fi services, business network services, Internet and dial-up access. The company also offers diversified services such as disability equipment, business with IP network connectivity, over Internet protocol, voice over DSL, and transmission solutions. Vodafone Australia Limited,     a subsidiary of Vodafone Hutchison Australia. It is the third second-largest  telecommunications  company in  Australia operating offering Prepaid  and  postpaid  mobile phones mostly utilising GSM mobile service on 900 MHz and 1800 MHz, in addition, the company provides several other services such as Broadband and Internet connectivity. Website Evaluation Domain Auditing http: //www. telstra. com. au Domain names are powerful tools since the names play a crucial role in identifying the company’ s presence on the internet.

Understanding what the company offers can be communicated to the clientele by picking a good domain while making the site to be easily located even by new users, the Telstra domain name is easy to remember since the domain name is similar with the company’ s name, and can amplify traffic from persons who guessed the name as presented by Krishna and Susan, (2009).

The company has maximized its potential by having the traditional extension such as Telstra. com redirect to its country-specific domain Telstra. com. au. Telstra opted to use country-specific domain. au, due to several associated benefits of the country-specific domain such as Search Engine Optimization; in most instances, major search engines offer elevated search engine rankings for country-specific Top-Level Domain’ s web pages. Furthermore the use of the Country Specific Domain. au enhances the visibility of the site, Lars, (2008).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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