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Website development TITAS HAIR SALON Located in Lauderhill FL The salon can leverage social media to enhance its business success. Using the social media is vital for achieving the objective of a successful business. Today is the life of the digital world so without having website for a business means lacking something important. The social contacts and social publicity are very necessary for promoting the business. So the internet strategy is planned for TITAS HAIR SALON that provides the base for the development of the business website (Hibberd 2014). The websites used for the marketing purpose.

For salons and beauty related matters they need a high level of care and trust. The people need to access the website for approaching the beauty needs, which are sensitive for everyone, so the material available on the website should be clear and perfect. The promotion of the salon’s website must reflect the exact theme that client needs, because the look and feel best are the policies for every beauty concern. The role of social media is essential for promoting the business. The website must give the facility to the client for blogs, latest updates shared to regular clients, the personal messages and blogs can be shared through social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

the strategy of applying the local search engine optimization enhances the website of business and gives a good reason to increase the number of clients. The tracking system of each person that accessed the website also provides ways to promote the business. (Conversion Pipeline, 2013) What Internet business model would be appropriate for the company to follow in creating a Web site and why? The website strategy is closely based on the business strategy.

The website totally performs the same activities that are the requirement of the business. All the features and services provided by business are developed in the form of website that makes the business more professional. (Sandlin, 2010) The internet strategy consists of core features like: web business strategies, design of website, hosting of the website, maintenance of web site after development, and SEO (Search Engine Optimizer). The website strategy concludes the design of a website, architecture of a website, which displayed to the client.

(Consensus technology, 2010) In what ways can the business benefit from a Web site? The website of TITA’S HAIR SALON will help in different ways in the following. The website increases the creditability of the business, The services are clearly shown to target market The level of trust is established between company and clients The business gets awareness from the latest researches made in the field of salon The great number of audience built results into the increased number of customers What functions should it perform for the Salon? The main functions of the website for the business of hair salon are: Website works to increase the sales in terms of great number of customers, The working of marketing is also done from that single website developed for salon business, The website is an intermediate between clients of hair salon and the owners and professionals as well.

Complains and suggestion are directly given to the business. The client can directly communicate with the hair salon desired persons for specific reason. The internal communication also becomes beneficial for the business. Tips, techniques are available on the website for the clients.

The track of each client is made on the website and contacted easily for recommendations and further instructions. Address, contact details and exact map of location are described on the website for contact. (Mokotoff, 2009) In what other ways might the company use the Internet for its own benefit? Through a website, the consultancy is provided to desired consumers. The website is dedicated for hair salon that is useful for capturing concerned clients. The website provides the best tips, tools and techniques for the issues of hair related problems. The updated information related products that are useful for hair are the best benefit one can get from the hair salon website.

The care of client is managed through the proper communication with him/her. The website plays the middle man role among client and salon experts to educate the client for specific reasons. Best methods and ways introduced are published on the websites for client attraction and awareness. The loyalty and trust are necessary parts that strengthen the business, which is possible through the website of business including the features of e-commerce.

(Laudon and Laudon, 2009) Functional specifications for the TITAS HAIR SALON The functional specifications for the hair salon website are: Home page, Gallery, Video guide, Packages for regular registered clients, Special Events, Useful lectures, Professional staff, Experts, Bookings, Career, Contact us, Join page on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Some useful links of existing websites of hair salons: http: //www. ranibeautysalon. com/ https: //www. osha. gov/SLTC/hairsalons/ https: //gatsbysalon. com/ http: //www. regissalons. com/ http: //www. newlookbeautysalon. net/ http: //blog. websitetemplates. bz/website_templates_news/hair-salon-templates. html List of technological specifications for implementation Hardware (Computer, Laptop, Mobile, etc) Operating system (Windows, Linux, UNIX, etc) Browser for accessing the website (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, etc) Internet connectivity is required References Conversion Pipeline (2013). Salon and Spa Marketing.

Available from http: //www. conversionpipeline. com/salon-spa-marketing/ Accessed on 2/25/2014. Consensus technology (2012). Internet Strategy. Available from http: //www. consensus-technology. com/internet-strategy. html Accessed on 2/25/2014. Hibberd D., (2014). Dynamic Online Consulting. Websites for Beauty Salons. Available from http: //dynamiconlineconsulting. com/websites-for-beauty-salons/ Accessed on 2/25/2014. Laudon K., and Laudon J. (2009). Management Information systems: Managing the digital firms, (6th Ed. ). Pearson Education Inc. Mokotoff E. (2009). The Salon Industry Business Artist, ISBN 978-0-557-18351-7. Sandlin E. (2010). Start your own hair salon and day spa, (2nd Ed. ). Entrepreneur Media Corporation.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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