Essays on World of Warcraft Company - Web Page Planning as One of the Most Important Aspects for Online Games Company Case Study

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The paper “ World of Warcraft Company - Web Page Planning as One of the Most Important Aspects for Online Games Company" is a  persuading example of a case study on marketing. As technological know increases, most firms across the globe adopted contemporary marketing through online methods. This has proved to be more profitable as it reduces the operational cost yet the number of customers who are able to get the intended message increase as compared to the offline methods of marketing. In the last five years, the number of firms, which use the online marketing method has increased by more than 60% and revenue generated by the marketing industries increased by over 40% (Garrett 22).

Of all the sectors, the game industry is one of the areas that highly utilize the online methods of marketing to reach targeted audiences. According to strategic Analysis Outlook for the global online game market, it is estimated that online games markets across the globe have increased by 85% and are currently worth $ 4.2 Billion up from $2.6 Billion in 2006. Further, the group estimates that in the next five years online game markets will have tripled, thus becoming one of the leading revenue earners as far as online marketing activities are concerned.

Hsu & Lu (1658) notes that fast increasing massively multiplayer s online game markets, led by the World of Warcraft franchise by Blizzard Entertainment, are blazing the ways for digital distributions and electronic sell-through of console and PC games. The paper will critically focus on the method of marketing World of Warcraft Company through online method. The target market for the World of Warcraft CompanyAs the marketing director of World of Warcraft online games company, I have realized that creative web design and planning attract many web visitors, but this does not cast a lot of influence on busying a decision for the visitor.

This is because the website may fail to address target audiences. Brown (69) in order to attract more customers, especially in the Asian continent there is a great need for analyzing the needs of the targeted audiences as well as whom the website may be communicating. For World of Warcraft Company, there is a need for recognizing that the main, the website is being created to attract visitors to know the services being offered by the firm.

Therefore, it is the responsibility of the World of Warcraft will be to ensure that the visitors understand what the website aims to convey. After establishing the likely group to visit the website, the online games companies should establish on type of customers who will read the contents as well as whether the sounds and graphics will be appreciated by the targeted audiences.

Web designs, mainly those dealing with online sales, gain more momentum if the site is interactive with the targeted customers. It is therefore for the game companies to conduct regular surveys or interviews with the targeted audiences to pick the required insights regarding the firm. Garrett (63) indicates that websites and their designs, content, font, style, color among other aspects focus on a particular group of people, who are collectively referred to as the targeted audiences. For the online companies, it is crucial to realize the fact that not all customers can be targeted by the firm site hence the need to segment the market to fit a particular group of people (Hsu & Lu 1656).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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