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Value Chain Analysis The sustainability of businesses particularly the chain supply chains not only depends on the internal competence of the business but also peoples perspective. In this paper, I will analyse Albani corp. in Miami. The analysis will focus on the strengths of the chain store in relation to its sustainability and customer satisfaction. The paper achieves this through a description of the main theories and analysis of key concept in relation to the identified problem. Changes in time and preference have a similar implication on any business environment.

According to Senge (2008), the changing times should serve as a wakening call for business. His argument focuses on business from an entrepreneurship and an institution points of view. This indicates that business trends that were considered sustainable a decade ago are no longer sustainable in the current economic times. To avoid redundancy of business frame works, business owners should ensure that their operations are not constrained by time. Thus, successful businesses will select a business model that will withstand time changes and customer preferences (Senge, 2008). Renaissances such as the shift that took place during the industrial revolution are still applicable to modern times.

This indicates that the society play the role of setting standards within which businesses should operate. As a major stakeholder in the business sector, the public has the responsibility of defining standards within which businesses should operate (Rotech, 1973). Form the facts presented above it is obvious that our focus business has both its strengths and weaknesses. This consideration is in relation to the views of various stakeholders of the business. The Albani Company has a perfect corporate image in both the real world and virtual world.

The company specializes on perfumes for both men and women. This specialization has enabled the company to achieve quality products. In addition, albani perfumes are packaged in high quality attractive containers, which contribute to the quality of the product. Thus, high quality products and packaging presents the company’s image in the real world. On the other hand, the company has an attractive and interactive website through which it advertises its products. A perfect image enables the company to stay relevant in the shifting fashion and design industry.

This has enabled the company to distribute its products across European markets. Although the company has some outstanding qualities that ensure its sustainability, it has other weaknesses that threaten its competence. Firstly, the company is unable to sustain its demands. During the peak season that occurs during august, the company is unable to cope with demands for its products. To overcome these shortcomings, the company needs to consider its strong factors as it find solution to its current problems. In conclusion, the society has a significant role in setting standards within which businesses should operate.

A business that is unable to operate within these standards is considered unsustainable. The sustainability vales depend on the industry or business sector and time. Thus, the business sustainability standards define the strength and weakness of a business at a particular time and within a specific industry. Using their strong factors, businesses can conquer their weaknesses in order to have sustainable businesses. References Rokeach, M. (1973). The nature of human values. New York: Free Press. Senge, P. (2008). The Necessary Revolution: How Individuals And Organization Are Working Together To Create A Sustainable World.

London: Doubleday.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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