Essays on Week 2 Discussion Coursework

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The US legal Adversarial Functions Project The US legal system is adversarial through the interpretation of laws and advising the government institutions. This implies that the legal system undertakes the role of scrutinizing different segments of the constitution to avoid conflicts and breach of pertinent privileges. The US legal system also undertakes the adversarial duty is by guiding the government and private agencies on their roles in protecting the laws (Kagan, 2011). For instance, the US legal system can advise the executive concerning foreign policies or treaties. It can also offer advise the legislature on the constitutional sections that require amendments or repeals.

The US legal system performs in adversarial matters through arbitrary functions between conflicting parties. This should involve a neutral approach to the matter with a view of reaching a professional and amicable solution (Kagan, 2011). A forensic psychology professional should be trustworthy to ensure that they correct injustices in the legal system. It is always appropriate to point out areas that may cause constitutional breaches by being truthful and accurate. The other attribute that would be helpful for forensic psychology professionals is being cautious (Kubicek, 2010).

This is because some matters may require keen consideration of matters before disclosing them to the public domain. A forensic psychology professional should know the right timing of disclosing information to the public. This helps in avoiding confrontation or demonstration by the members of the public. It is vital to participate in forensic adversarial duties with adequate knowledge of law and legal matters (Kubicek, 2010). It is unprofessional to undertake forensic psychology examination by an individual who does not understand the tenets of the law. ReferencesKagan, R.

A. (2011). Adversarial legalism: The American way of law. Cambridge, Mass: Harvard University Press. Kubicek, T. L. (2010). Adversarial justice: Americas court system on trial. New York: Algora Pub.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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