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The paper "Human Resource Strategy of Wal-Mart" is a wonderful example of an essay on human resources. Wal mart has a unique model, whose adoption aims to train their employees’ three items that include service for the customer, striving to achieve excellence and respect for other employees. From a Wal mart perspective, it is the people they offer their services that matter the most, therefore, employees must strive to attain customer satisfaction to achieve the difference. Kirkpatrick's four levels of program for evaluating the training of employees have immense application especially for organizations that have structural models that seek to invest in the service provision through enhancement of capacity building.

The first level is the reaction, which aims at measuring customer satisfaction. The situation at Wal mart can adopt the Kirkpatrick's approach by developing acceptable standards that aims to measure the satisfaction of the customer based on the reaction towards these standards and taking appropriate actions (Serial solution, 2011). The second level is learning, which aims to help Wal mart employees acquire knowledge and skills to improve the services and attitude of the customers. The third level is behavior, which aims to assist employees to change their desires, what they must know, and the right environment for interaction (Dreher and Dougherty, 2002).

Evaluation of changes before and after the training based on observable traits would help the immediate supervisors at Wal mart attain their training target. The most important part of the training is the resulting level, which aims to measure the final goals related to the improvement of work quality, increased productivity, and low turnover (Dreher and Dougherty, 2002).

The Wal mart can use Kirkpatrick's approach of evaluating the training by using control groups and allowing enough time until the results can be attained.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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