Essays on Week 7: Ethical Dilemma Assignment

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Ethical Dilemma Is it fair to overlook Jason for something he has worked so hard to get? Jason’s hard work is not only acknowledged by him but isalso acknowledged by his employer, Hank. Jason has been consistently working with determination and diligence. It is not fair and just to overlook Jason for his exceptional performance. He truly deserves the position of Account Manager and must be given the rights to enjoy this position. According to the Virtue Ethical Theory, it is not an appreciable idea to think of own interest and ignore the other person’s efforts and hard work.

In fact, if a person deserves reward, then he must be rewarded irrespective of the other issues. Overlooking Jason’s efforts will not only bring guilty feeling in the heart of his employer, Hanks, but will also de-motivate Jason in giving out his best performance in future. 2. Is it fair not to give Maxim the best possible attention? Maxim Factory is one of the biggest clients of Craven Marketing. Hank has worked hard so as to earn this account and now when it is available, he is little worried on how to handle it in an effective way.

Maxim Factory needs substantial attention and this account cannot be taken for granted. Therefore, ignoring the Maxim Factory account and not giving it full attention is also not a good idea. Maxim Factory must have granted huge profits to Craven Marketing previously and Craven Marketing must also have provided best possible services to Maxim Factory. That might be the reason of Maxim Factory to deal again with Craven Marketing. Therefore, the trust and expectation of Maxim Factory must also not be sabotaged and Craven Marketing should provide best possible attention to Maxim Factory.

  3. Using Consequential, Rule-based, and Character theories, evaluate Hank’s options. According to Consequentialist theory, a person must consider the consequences while confronting with ethical dilemma. Rule-based theory is also known as Deontological Theory. This theory states that people should adhere to their duties and obligations. Character theory, also known as Virtue Ethical Theory states that regardless of the consequences and other issues, a person must take consider what is right and what is wrong before reaching to a certain decision.

According to Consequentialist theory, Hank should take care of the consequences which might result in the de-motivation of his valuable employee Jason and non-fulfilment of expectation of Maxim Factory. According to Deontological Theory, Jason must be awarded with higher designation of Account Manager because of his exceptional performance. According to Virtue Ethical Theory, Hank should do what is right, in this case which is awarding Jason with promotion and higher designation and granting the best possible services to Maxim Factory.

4. What should Hank do? Why? After evaluating the ethical dilemma as per all the renowned ethical theories, there are some suggestions which can assist Hank in taking the best possible decision which would be in favour of Jason as well as Maxim Factory. Along with the consideration of personal interest or company’s performance, Hank should also try to protect his employee’s integrity. Hank should reward Jason for the designation of Account Manager as he truly and wholly deserves it.

After this, he should coordinate with Maxim Factory by allotting them to be served by the second best possible employee. If not, then Jason and his team should be given this opportunity along with the promotion of Jason’s designation. Reference Nelson, Debra L. and Quick, James Campbell. (2010). Organizational Behaviour: Science, the Real World, and You. 7th ed. New York: Cengage Learning.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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