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College: Weekly Logs Week one 3/9 3/15 In the first week at Brazelia Med Spa in Boca Raton, FL, my assignmentincluded organization of patients’ applications. The applications were supposed to be in alphabetic order for easy access. I therefore went through the applications names by sorting out the distinctively based on their initial letter. This enabled to place every applicants form in the proper buddle for filling. In order to better organize the names I color coded every bunch of the applicant’s files. This way every color would represent a particular alphabet.

During this week’s exercise, I learnt the essence of proper storage system enables easy access to documents in the future. This is essential because it does not only enhance proper organization, but also assists in avoiding probable misplacements Week two 3/16/2014- 3/22/2014 The second week at the spa was interesting as well. I was given the responsibility of recording data of imperative patients to the organization. The information that was supposed to be I was required to be filed included the names of these patients, their dates of birth, telephone numbers, as well as, email addresses.

This was a very important task because I learnt that patients’ identification is paramount in such an organization. This is because the patients may need following up which might not be done by the same doctor. Week three 3/23/2014- 3/29/2014 In the third week, my principal responsibility was entering imperative data in the spa’s patient system. This was an important task because I was not only inputting the patient’s personal information, but I was also entering patients’ insurance coverage data, as well as, their payment methods and their treatment schedules.

In this week, I learnt a lot especially the fundamental database management. This was a crucial week since I was able to perfect my skills in data entry and database management. Week four 3/30/2014- 4/5/2014 The fourth was a continuation of the work done in the previous week. Entering imperative patient’s information in the database was my principal job. In this week it was easier to this job and I was able to input the information faster than in the previous week.

This is because I was used to the system’s operations. I was also able better to better experience firsthand the imperativeness of electronic storage of information. I learnt numerous lessons in this week that electronic records will suffuse hard copy files. This was extremely imperative because with the current use of electronic recording, I will be able to do a better job of recording information. Additionally, I learnt how to retrieve information fast and easily from the patients system. Week five 4/6/2014- 4/12/2014 In the fifth week I worked at the reception area of the spa.

My principal duties were confirmation of patients’ appointments. I also had the responsibility of welcoming them and confirming their appointments and making bookings for them. Rescheduling appointments was also an imperative task assigned to me at the reception. Maintenance of the reception area was an important part of my job. In this week, I was able to practice my personal and interpersonal skills by interacting with the patients. I also learnt that communication skills are an imperative part of the organization.

Week six 4/13/2014- 4/19/2014 In the sixth week, I continued to work at the reception. This was an added advantage to my skills since I was able to properly learn how to handle patients especially the ones with recurring ailments and needed to make multiple appointments. This also enabled me to learn patience on the phone since my obligations were inclusive of answering the phone, as well as, transferring calls to the right doctors. Writing down important messages was also part of my responsibility. Making appointments for patients that are not in the schedule was also another responsibility.

During the week, I also informed the staff members about their schedules and updated their schedules accordingly. This was a very informative week because many patients changed their schedules and had to personally call them to confirm that before give the relevant staff members the information. I learnt that proper communication is important for smooth running of the spa. Week seven 4/20/2014- 4/26/2014 In the seventh week, I was changed from the reception to work in the insurance department at the Spa.

In this department, I was given the responsibility of the obtaining insurance information of the patients. I learnt that this information was imperative because it assisted in determining if a patient would have to pay for the services. I further, improved my communication skills by answering patient’s questions as well as providing them with relevant information regarding their bills. This was a very informative week since I was able to advise patients about potential financial plans that they can adopt in the future. Week eight 4/27/2014- 5/3/2014 The eighth week at the spa was more interesting.

This was because I was sent to the finance department. During this period, my principal responsibility was dealing with crucial financial and accounting tasks. Maintenance of the financial records was one of the responsibilities. I also inputted imperative data into the spa’s system in order to assist in making balance sheets for the organization. I learnt how to practically manage financial records which was extremely imperative for me.

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