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September 11, Weekly Logs I am currently working in an internship program with Brazelia Med Spa, specifically located at 101 Plaza Real South, Suite G, Boca Raton, Florida. The weekly logs of what I did and what I learned during the internship are presented in tabular form, as shown below: Inclusive Dates What I Did What I Learned Week 1: 3/9/2014- 3/15/2014 I organized patients application alphabetically The task enabled me to become oriented with skills required for filing, as well as organizing the patients’ application records in chronological order. It developed the necessary skills in observing consistency in filing and the discipline required to focus, as required.

Since this was the first week, I learned to adapt and adjust to the work environment. I was introduced to the other employees and I learned to be more sociable. I also observed proper work decorum, including wearing of prescribed office wear, adhering to my scheduled time, and learning company policies in terms of conforming to restricted areas and using office equipment. Week 2: 3/16/2014- 3/22/2014 I filled out a sheet of the important patients’ details (name, cell number, date of birth, email address) The task assigned was a method used in the preparation of the patients’ database, where pertinent information on patients’ data are recorded in an orderly manner.

The information could be used as an appropriate source for future encoding. It provided me with the opportunity to develop recording skills, as well as ensuring accuracy in details. As I progressed through the week, I became more proficient in recording, as well as in being accurate in details. Week 3: 3/23/2014- 3/29/2014 I was given a brief overview of the work done in the finance department. The work that was previewed entailed recording of simple cash disbursements and cash receipts that were documented on a daily basis.

This is the necessary framework for the preparation of financial statements. I was made aware of the need to focus on accuracy to details, as I was able to enhance skills in recording, computing, and maintaining an accurate balance of cash receipts versus disbursements. I was given the chance to appreciate the value of preparation of financial statements through the theoretical frameworks of recording pertinent details. Week 4: 3/30/2014- 4/5/2014 Put all the important patients details in the system Using the previous week’s record of patients’ profile, I was given the opportunity to encode the data in their database system.

I learned to develop skills in encoding, focusing on accuracy of details, and in ensuring that I retain privacy and confidentiality of the information that I encoded. Week 5: 4/6/2014- 4/12/2014 Patients confirm appointments and I worked at the reception The tasks enabled me to develop customer relations skills through working at the reception area. As such, I was provided with the opportunity to improve on communication and interpersonal relationship skills.

Likewise, the experience assisted in recognizing the relevance of satisfying the customers to establish loyalty and repeat patronage. I learned to be more sociable and to apply the skills in satisfying the customers through addressing their needs in a conducive and appealing way. Week 6: 4/13/2014- 4/19/2014 I was assigned in the Insurance Department to undertake basis internship work. The tasks included filing, some aspects of encoding, as well as organizing patients’ files with outstanding claims from health insurance companies.

The assignment of these tasks necessitate observance and adherence to accuracy to details, as well as conformity to privacy and confidentiality. Week 7: 4/20/2014- 4/26/2014 Patients confirm appointments and I worked at the reception. Again, as the tasks were another set of opportunities to improve on my customer relations skills, as well as in developing more confidence in communication and interpersonal relationships. Likewise, working in the reception area necessitated that I wear a corporate attire in the most professional manner, as I would be seen to be an extension of the company, where I temporarily served, as an intern.

Therefore, I was requested to wear my most appropriate corporate attire that is professional and appealing to the customers. Week 8: 4/27/2014- 5/3/2014 Put all the important patients’ details in the system The tasks assigned were a repeat of the activities assigned to me during week 4. Therefore, I was already familiar with the system of encoding and I developed a level of proficiency to ensure that I encoded patients’ information in the database system with greater accuracy and more speed. I was aptly reminded to be cognizant of the fact that whatever information recorded should not be divulged to others to conform to the privacy and confidentiality regulation.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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