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Key forces for organizational change in Kuwait today affiliation Key forces for organizational change in Kuwait today Introduction Change of an organization is defined as an organizational movement away from the currents state aiming at moving towards the desired state in order to increase the effectiveness. The environment of the organization is constantly undergoing changes thus an organization must also adapt to these changes by changing ways through which it conduct its operations and activities. There are several forces that acts in and out of the organizations that plays a critical role in helping an organization embrace change. Every company at one time or another faces a time when organizational change will happen for the good or bad of the organization.

Changes in organizations can be profitable at the same time it can lead to a company undergoing liquidation and finally collapsing. For an organization to undergo changes, it takes a process that is discussed, decided and conducted by the top management and deemed good for the organization. Reasons for organizational changes differ, but the fact remain that external and internal forces initiate the changes. Today, several organizations are being faced by challenges that arise from their environment that has proved to be dynamic.

As a result of these challenges, organizations are forced to specialize so that they can be bale to minimize the complexity of their products and reduce their cost of production. In addition to this, due to these changes, organizations have to put more intensity on their collaborative activities so that they can be able to maintain their level of service deliverances (Fred C. Lunenburg, 2010). As several organizations are affected by the changes in their environment, organizations in Kuwait are also being faced by similar situations.

Kuwaiti organizations are faced by myriad of challenges that are characterized by diversity that is evident both inside and outside the organizations. The organizations are responding to these diversities through changing their management systems. Most firms in Kuwait today are increasingly facing each diversity both in and out of the organization. Forces for organizational change in Kuwait Various Kuwaiti organizations have several reasons why they are embracing the organizational changes. Despite this, all the organizations do have one thing in common; they all share initial initiators (external and internal forces) that propelled them towards organizational change. External forces These forces originate from outside the organization where it has no control and limit.

They are also referred as external change forces. These forces contain a number of categories that help in determining what forces from an external source are compelling the organization to undergo some changes. Such forces in the Kuwait organizations include forced or the mandated changes, geopolitical changes, hyperactive competitions, company reputation, fashionable management changes, creditability and the decline in the organization market among others. Fashionable pressure Several organizations in Kuwait have started forming the habit of mimicking or copying other organizational ideas that they think will propel the organization to success.

It is noted that managers tend to implement the new changes in the organizational process just as people do with fashion. Thus, when a single company is seen to develop changes in its behaviors other companies will follow suit to maintain the competition. Mandated pressure In today’s Kuwait, there has been the implementation of new regulations and laws by the regulatory organizations as well as the government.

These regulations are seen to be mandatory and are implemented by several organizations under the supervision of the government. If organizations fail to adopt these changes, they end up being fined and eventually ending up locked down. Kuwait organizations are experiencing such mandatory changes as the government seeks to improve the operational activities of the companies and businesses in the country. Geopolitical pressures The current global geopolitical pressures of terrorism and terrorist activities are affecting the global market face the organizations in Kuwait. As a result of these pressures, the Kuwaiti government has enacted regulations to help protect its internal organizations and populations from suffering because of these pressures.

Kuwait lies in the Middle East region, and this region is known to be very volatile and unstable. For the Kuwait government to protect the interest of its organizations, it enacts laws and regulations that strengthens its organizations operations within the region and ultimately in the global market. Pressures originating from Decline in market Decline in the market of most Kuwait organizational products and services led to an increase in pressure.

When market undergoes decline then organizations, tend to lose their shares in the market because of either technological or the demand shift in consumer. In this case, most organizations in Kuwait had to undergo massive changes to gain back their shares in the market. Pressure from the hyper competition Hyper competition results when an organization is going through stiff competition from other companies that sell similar products and services in the market. Several organizations in Kuwait are facing stiff competitions from other organizations that are within and outside the country, which specializes with the same brand of services and products.

With such competition, organizations are forced to dig deeper and bring something new in the market. In the process, organizations transform through changes both in its management as well as products and services. In addition, Kuwait being the heart of gulf region its organization has to fight their way up the global market and be among the best. If this is to happen, then organizations have to embrace changes that will make them have a unique system of production and service deliverance. Pressures from Reputation and credibility The urge for increased credibility and reputation drive most organizations in Kuwait.

Several organization want to establish their status as the best producing company, as well as service delivering organization in the country. Internal pressures These pressures are found within the organizations internal environment help in stimulating changes in organizations. Just like external pressures, internal pressures contain several subcategories that initiate changes in an organization. Internal forces of change include growth pressures, identity pressure, political pressures, administrative pressure as well as people problems. Growth pressure Companies tend to change their internal operations so that they can improve their operations and become more profitable.

This pressure makes several organizations to be competitive within its market. Internal growth is important for an organization to improve itself through encouraging its internal growth and competition from its employees. Identity pressure This occurs when an organization operates several companies with that do not communicate to each other. In this case, these organizations will be competing with each other to establish an identity among the companies. In such cases, the parent organization tends to change some of its processes and each company’s identity so that the companies can align closely to it. Administrative pressures Pressure can come from the management of the organization to effect changes in the company.

Changes in administration simply imply that the organization will be embracing the new changes that usually come with the new management team to lead the company to new levels. Reference Fred C. Lunenburg. (2010). Forces For And Resistance To Organizational Change. National Forum Of Educational Administration And Supervision Journal, Volume 27, 10. 

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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