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The paper 'Disney Leadership and Organizational Culture' is a great example of a Management Essay. The culture of an organization can be defined as the shared values, norms, and beliefs that shape the company’ s objectives and strategy. The perceptions of an organization's staff are in essence ordered by the prevailing organizational culture and traditions. An organization's culture is exemplified in the myths, symbols, and rituals that employees share. As employees share a common culture, they develop a coherent perception of events and situations, such as what is expected of company leadership, what is the expected code of conduct, and what performance standards are expected of them(Waltz, 2007). Leadership in an organization should put an intense focus on its employees like coming up with training programs to help the employees develop the tools needed to please the customers.

Disney once said that. “ You can dream, create, design, and build the most wonderful place in the world but it requires the people to make the dream a reality” (Waltz, 2007). This idea is what made Disney think that the only way his organization will be successful is through implementing strategic training so that all the workers would be in a position of creating an environment that is conducive for the customers.

He wanted all the employees to be customer responsive and this made him implement a training program for every employee in the organization. The intense focus Disney puts into every worker was paid back by the customer’ s satisfaction which maintains them to buy from Disney business (The Walt Disney Company, 2009). Leaders should support and encourage employees to make suggestions and provide their own opinions, especially regarding the management through open lines (Associated Content, 2008).

The employees are trained in programs like ethics, diversity, professional development, and integrity. Continued motivation on workers is the key to making them be happy and this will make them get committed to their work. The leaders should create a culture in the organization that put customers first since customers should be considered first in business. Leaders in an organization should create a culture that will make their workers feel that they are valued as an individual and a fundamental part of the team.

This communication can be done through an open chain of command, rewards, and comprehensive training in an organization. This culture has been applied in Disney and it has made it one of the lowest attrition rates for any organization in the US. This philosophy of treating the employees well has been successfully passed year after year in Disney. The basic belief by Disney is that the customers will not be happy if you do not have happy employees (Waltz, 2007). In an organization, the community is very important since this is where the sales come into place.

So leadership in an organization should take care of the community. In Disney, it ensures that visitors are supplied with the affordable and best accommodations. This strategy ensures that the customer’ s budget fits the vacation with the “ magic your way” plans. At every Disney business location in the world, several similarities are present but the biggest difference is the culture (Danielski, 2009). The location where an employee works are developed to suit his/her culture as well as to fit the beliefs of the local customers.



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