Essays on Appropriate Advertising Campaigns Essay

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The paper "Appropriate Advertising Campaigns" is an outstanding example of an essay on marketing. Winning customer’ s hearts in the cases of sales of the company’ s products is not an easy thing. This involves the process of creating awareness in the customer’ s minds about the product and making them prefer your products to the products of the other companies. The process of creating this awareness for the entire public to make customers is called advertising. Advertising creates the image of the product in the customer's mind, this forms the basis of the customer's argument and enables him/her to make a comparison of the products with other existing or the emerging products of the other companies.

From the argument made by the customer, they are able to form a concrete and promising interest in one product, leaving the others. The interest created in the customer's minds and the hearts builds the customer's loyalty on the brand or the product. It makes the desire for the customers to be yearning and desiring for more of the company’ s products. The desire increases the sales of the company since the public or the customers will be demanding more and more of the products every day.

Then everyone needs to be associated with the goods that they see or hear every day on their media sources. The resulting action because of successive well-planned advertising action is the penetration in the local and international market, which is the goal of every company or enterprise (Katz, 2003). Acceptance of the company’ s goods by the customers is the most promising existence of the company, as compared to the capital basis of the company or the location. However, advertising is a very crucial activity that carries many responsibilities to the advertisers and the management of the company.

Advertising needs to be designed in a way that does not mislead potential and current customers. True information should be delivered to these most important stakeholders and high moral and ethical values must be taken into consideration and maintained throughout the activity. In choosing the advertising campaign or channel within the organization, the management should put particular crucial things into consideration. This paper looks at the advertising campaign in a company, starting with the things that the company must put into consideration; it gives the three appropriate advertising campaigns and finally gives a conclusion showing the recommendations and the views to the companies. In designing the advertising process, the company must design its chain of the plan from the managing directors of the companies; to creative directors who form the process will be undertaken.

Creative managers also must have the capabilities plan well and bring to the management the different appropriate methods to be used. These methods have to be designed and budgeted well taking into consideration the financial capabilities of the company involved.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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