Essays on Air Crash Fire Fighting: Skills and Equipment Research Proposal

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The paper "Air Crash Fire Fighting: Skills and Equipment" is a great example of a management research proposal.   An air crash is the most helpless situation that one can face. It is such a state where none can escape without proper measures. This is the reason that the crew members should not only be well trained but must have the zeal to save people. This paper is aiming in discussing some of the safety measures as can be adopted in fighting a fire in an air crash. The failures and preventions are the two basic topics of discussions that I am trying to deal with.

The emphasis is over all those people who are not in a way competent to fight this type of crisis. The process is also in dealing with a nervous passenger who may have phobias concerning the journey ahead. The application of surrender of control and fear for their safety is equally very important and that is gain a part of this methodical study. The idea is to create general awareness and to make things little safer inexperience. introduction The term air safety stands for a whole formulation of a particular theoretical notion.

It is the term as can be used in order to specify certain procedures related to the investigation and categorization of various flight failures. It is a means of analysing and presenting the preventive through regulation in order to overcome such failures. It is the way to educate people regarding this crisis and to adopt a better solution to them. There are also provisions for the campaigns that inform the public as to the safety of air travel and thereby diminishes the risk of deaths.

The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the potential benefit, in terms of lives saved, from enhanced protection from fires within hidden areas in the aircraft cabin. Fire fighting in an air crash is the riskiest task and is a highly technical profession. The system and adoption of fire fighting in and around crashed aircraft is something that needs only to be handled by professionals. It is a highly specialized field of training and saving lives. There has to be a desperate need of dedication, agility, alertness, adequate and proportionate courage, enough physical strength, and the ability to be an exacting team worker with all enthusiasm and darkness (Luna LK, Panning M, Grywna K, Pfefferle S, Drosten C 2007).

There is an ordnance cook-off occurred, that stated the top priority features that would be to cool off the ordnance. Added to this there has to be a simultaneous lay of a personnel rescue path. There is a desperate need of a way to extinguish the fire. The attempt is also to understand the trauma of passenger and to detect it as per his behaviour during an aircraft emergency.

In the process, it is very important to have a clear notion of all the myths and facts related to these factors. The most essential need is t have a careful study of aviation accidents, laboratory experimentation and through the analysis of certification evacuation trials among the crew members and among the passengers for through the general awareness sources.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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