Essays on What Can Learn From Investigating Major Accidents Assignment

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Working Tile: Investigating Major Accidents: What Can We Learn from It? Introduction: Accidents are of many forms. The most common are car accidents. Other forms may be sports- related accidents, work-related accidents, fire accidents and so many more. Whatever form of accident there is, the aftermath is always hard to bear. Apart from the various types of accidents, it is also worth noting that there are different groups of people who’s work are directly related to provide assistant or support either to the accident victims themselves or to their immediate families. Such support can still be classified according to when the support is given: there are groups who are committed into assisting right after the accident (such as bringing the victim to the hospital or providing firs aid treatments) or support several hours or days after the accident (which is normally done by investigating how the accident occurred and what could have been done to prevent it).

ObjectivesThis paper is aimed at investigating major accidents. Specifically this paper will find out what can be learned from assessing and examining major accidents. To find out, this paper will be tackling various topics related to major accidents such as: the types of accidents which are considered majorgroups of people who are normally seen attending to such major accidents and what roles they specifically performlearning that can possibly be achieved once a particular major accident has been investigatedMethodologyThis paper will be working on a theoretical framework, which can best be explained though the diagram below: The researchers believe that with the ideas that can be shared by the people who have been in a major accidents, will be a very good tool to understanding the full concept and impact of accident to the victims themselves.

In the same manner, the point of views of the support groups (members of the rescue operation teams, the medical groups and the likes) are also helpful in the overall understanding of what can be learned from investigating major accidents. Hence, this study will be focused in studying two main aspects - that of the experiences and lessons gained of the major accident victims themselves and the point of views from the support groups.

The skills that they need, the responses that they have to muster depending on the types of accidents they will deal with and the post-evaluation techniques that they also need to have in accordance to studying the after effects of the accident are all part of the information that will be gathered from the major accident support groups. In doing so, in depth literature study and review will be conducted in this paper. Most updated Websites, journals and magazines related to the subject of study will be gathered and analyzed.

The research gathered will then serve as guides in conducting the interviews with some mentors or trainers of rescue team members. The researchers are targeting to interview a maximum of 5 people who have had a major accident most recently and another 5 people who are members of different accident support groups (of varying age, gender and level of experience). These respondents will be chosen strategically and will be asked to answer the following questions:

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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