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March 25, 2007Global CitizenshipThere is almost unanimity among progressive political thinkers that in due course of time, all nation states, on reaching an optimum state of political and economic advancement, will find it desirable, in their own interests and in the interest of fellow nations, to accept the concept of one world order with a full-fledged One World Governments. Only such government could create conditions in which an era of everlasting peace and international security, based on equal prosperity of all nation-states, could be achieved. In the broadest sense, global citizenship means“Recognizing individual’s responsibility as citizens of the earth, we all name it home, and taking action to ensure a more equitable, sustainable future for everyone.

It means striving to understand other peoples and cultures – in our own backyard and half way around the world. It means honoring diversity, promoting the values of inclusion and equality, and living in ways that protect and preserve precious natural resources” (Youthactionnet. org)Man does not live in isolation. He is a social creature and lives together with other men. Civic life is thus a co-operative enterprise.

It is based on human interdependence. Men think of themselves standing in various relations to one another, and realizing themselves in association with one another. The world today is largely interdependent in all spheres of life. No country today can produce all that he needs; he has to specialize himself in one thing or the other and has to depend upon the community for rest of the needs. Civic life consists of harmonious living in which the expression of personality and social life are fused together. A global citizen must be impartial, liberal minded and read to make sacrifice for the common good. The United Nations World Conference on Human Rights says ‘No matter what country or continent we come from we are all basically the same human beings.

All human beings have the common needs and concerns. We all seek happiness and try to avoid suffering regardless of our race, religion, sex or political status. The increasing interdependence of the world and the need to develop a sense of universal responsibility. We need to think in global terms because the effects of one nation's actions are felt far beyond its borders’.

(Tibet. com)But unfortunately, human beings have not yet learned the art of living in peace and goodwill. From one world war we are being hurled into another. Science, has proved to be double- edged weapon as destructive in wars it is useful in the development of art of peace. It is therefore, worthwhile to consider whether human relations in this world can ever be improved. It may be possible to find a cure in a changed mood of thinking, and a new direction of human conduct in a deeper sense of civic duty.

The present turmoil is to be attributed to the fears and passions, and appetites of men. The malady is not entirely economic but to a large extent moral and political too. Great care is needed in deciding upon a line of action. One path may lead to peace and security, the other to war and destruction.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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