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The paper 'What Effect Has Globalization Had on Terrorism? ' is an excellent example of a research paper on politics.   In this age of globalization, the intensity of terrorism and conflicts increased with a significant extent that smashed global politics into numerous pieces. Although in previous ages, both the terms globalization and terrorism seemed unrelated aspects in this age due to extensive interconnection among the political, economic and cultural relationships, terrorism increased and took a shape of political violence. As a result of which, political stability decreased in the entire globe thereby generating a critical scenario of both financial and economic downturn. In this research paper, the prime causes of the financial and economic downturn that expanded its roots in the entire globe are highlighted.

Along with this, the reasons for global terrorism is also described that smashed the entire political peace of the globe. Apart from this, this research paper also highlights the causes that ruined the entire country of Iraq and its president, Mr. Saddam Hussein. Thus the thesis of this research paper is to analyze the main causes of global terrorism and the War on Terror with the help of varied types of analysis and evaluations. Background Brief description of the War on Terror The War on Terror or Global War on Terrorism (GWOT) is a phrase that mainly refers to international military campaign arranged by the United States in order to reduce the terrorism attracts of al-Qaeda or Taliban and other militant organizations.

It took place on 11th September 2001 after the knock-down of the World Trade Centre towers and Pentagon. As a result of this, the president of the United States, George W.

Bush decided to fight against the terrorist forces. Due to this, the military forces of the United States attacked Iraq and declined the entire political scenario of the country in rocks. Not only this, but the economic situation of the country of Iraq also destroyed thereby enhancing the level of unemployment and poverty to a significant extent as compared to other neighboring nations (Zaki, 2008, pp. 178-190). Therefore, due to such political and economic distress, such a war is described as the Global War on Terrorism (GWOT). Issues In order to decline the global ruling power of the United States, Al-Qaeda or Taliban members attracted the country.

In this attract, the most important power, the World Trade Centre towers, and Pentagon damaged and as a result, the political and economic situation also attained a serious set-back. Apart from this, due to the downfall of the world trade center, numerous employees or individuals are terminated from the organizations thereby decreasing their living standard and lifestyle. Along with this, the rate of unemployment and poverty also enhanced to a significant extent that offered extreme negative impacts over the well-being of numerous nations.

Not-only this due to the crash, of a pentagon and World trade center, the demand of the shares also decreased thereby creating a financial crisis in the entire globe. As a result of which, the prices of the commodities raised that hindered the lifestyle of the citizens. So, it created an extremely worthless situation for the citizens of the entire globe. Other than this, in order to bang down the terrorist groups, the presidents of the United States ordered to attract them, and all of them are found to be residing in and around the nation of Iraq and Afghanistan (Nassar, 2005).

As a result of which, the military groups invaded Iraq and approximately 4, 00, 000 to 9, 00,000 civilians died. Along with this, the president of Iraq, Mr. Saddam Hussein is also kept imprisoned for numerous years and then hanged him to death. However, due to militant attract, the government of Iraq soon resolved and was turned by crime and overwhelmed by insurgencies. However, in order to save the situation of Iraq, numerous countries are attracted by the Al-Qaeda or Taliban members.

As a result of which, global terrorism took place. Due to this, the economic and financial situation of numerous countries declined that hindered the livelihood of the citizens. As a result of which, the rate of redundancy and unemployment increased thereby enhancing the rate of deaths in the entire globe (Moghaddam, 2008, pp. 234-256). Thus, it might be clearly revealed that the prime cause behind all these above-mentioned issues is ‘ war on terror’ . Due to this, both the financial and political situation smashed resulting in a chunk situation or global recession.

However, the after-effects of the global recession are still going on, in the entire globe. Research and analysis questions    Complicating Issues In order to reduce the effects of terrorism over the United States, President, George W. Bush implemented varied foreign policies and strategies that curbed the primary rights of human beings. As a result of which, the level of insurgencies, unemployment, and poverty raised significantly in the nation thereby hindering the living standard of the citizens. Due to which maximum extent of the individual started criticizing the administrative policies of George W.

Bush.   This is mainly because of the deaths of numerous civilians in the nation of Iraq due to the military attracts of the United States. Due to this, the popularity of Bush declined that aroused various domestic and international issues (Davis, 2008, p. 143). Moreover, due to awkward administrative foreign policies, varied types of globalization issues like terrorism, poverty, inequality raised that smashed the entire political and economic scenario of numerous nations. As a result of which global terrorism came into a shape that hindered the political stability of each and every nation in the entire globe.     So, due to these complicating issues, the impacts of global terrorism retained thereby enhancing the effects of the recession in the entire globe (Belasco, 2009, pp.

123-143). Possible solutions  After analyzing the entire paragraph, it might be depicted that, such an unstable situation might be easily controlled if such a harsh step is not taken by George W. Bush. Moreover, the situation might also be controlled, if numerous civilians of Iraq are not killed by the military attracts of the United States. Other than this, the unnatural death of Saddam Hussein also created a very distressful situation in numerous nations that criticized the rule of George W.

Bush. As a result, varied types of globalization issues such as conflicts, terrorist attracts enhanced to a significant extent (Byman, 2003). Recommendation In order to reduce the impacts of the global recession, it is essential to alleviate the faulty administrative policies developed by George W. Bush. Only then, the globalization issues like terrorism, poverty, inequality, insurgencies might be reduced that may improve the political and financial scenario of numerous nations in the entire globe.

Along with this, the economic situation of various countries declined that affected the living standard of the citizens to a significant extent in the long run. Thus, it may be revealed that the implementation of various policies and strategies in the United States offers significant impacts over the other nations of the globe. This is because; the United States is considered to be an important business center of the globe among many others. Summary  In this age of advanced technologies and globalization, the after-effects of terrorism became extremely severe and harsh.

The root cause of this problem is due to imperfect administrative policies of George W. Bush. Due to this, the citizens of numerous nations became extremely disheartened that enhanced the rate of globalization issues to a certain extent. As a result of which, the rate of unemployment, poverty, and attritions increased. Due to this, the lifestyle of the citizens declined that offered significant set-back thereby enhancing the ratio of various crimes. Apart from this, due to the downfall of the nation of Iraq, the level of terrorism increased that smashed the financial situation of various nations. Hence, it might be clearly depicted that the uncertain administrative policies mainly hindered political stability thereby enhancing the craze of global terrorism.

As a result of which, a chaotic situation aroused thereby hindering the life of the citizens.  


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